Xash- RevengeMature

By the time Id finished cleaning the paint of the walls, I was too damn tired to go back to class. I decided to walk on home, and get a nap. But...well...sometimes, skipping school does not pay.

I walked into the front door. The first thing that hit me was the dead silence. There was a clock in the corner of the room "Tick...tock...tick...tock..." it just went on and on, as if telling me, "Run, boy, run!"

He stood in front of me, his hands balled into fists. His eyes bloodshot and face red. What now? What the fuck had I possibly done now? His eyes were like fire burning into me. I felt so small beneath his large frame. I had to stop my feet from shaking.

"You know son," He began, in his patronizing voice, "I spend all my shitting money, sending you to school, to get a good education," he began circling me, "so that I can get you the fuck off my hands some day." I stayed still, looking for a corner from which I could run. But it was too late. He was coming closer. The circle was closing, “So that you can be independent, and leave me the hell alone,” he smirked mockingly, "and then, I get these calls from your principal..." he didn't have to say anything else. That damn Fats called him. My mind was already on overdrive, working out emergency measures to keep myself alive. I thought about the first aid kit upstairs, "Did I replace the antiseptics...bandages? Do I have enough?" I thought. I wasn't listening to my father anymore. His words would soon become actions anyways.

"Do I have any concealer, in case he goes for the face?" He was strategic that way; he rarely ever messed with my face. Just the arms, legs and stomach. If I was lucky.

“Did I lock my bedroom door before leaving, or can I run in there, if things start going ...wrong?”

With every blow, with every ache that beat into my body, I was thinking about Fat's. Man, how I'm going to get back at him. Fuck, I’m going to destroy him. I had no other thoughts in my brain, till the pain screamed so loudly at me dying to be heard. I could feel my pulse heating, my breath staggering, and my vision slowly blurring. I couldn’t take it. I wish he’s just throttle me to death. I wish he’d just put his hands around my neck and finish me. I swore, I swore to every muscle in my body that I would never cry. It would all be over soon. Then I’d get Fat’s back. It will be over soon. God, how I wanted to die, but first Id take Fats to hell and eat his damn guts!

Hell, if Fats was going o punish me for a crime I didn't commit, then I was going to commit a crime fit for the punishment.

What I had in mind was brilliant, oh so good. Fats was going to have his wall painted with all sorts of colour nice and neat in front of the whole school. Everyone would see it. Everyone. It would be one of my greatest art works, and why not, Id even give him a little signature on it! But first, first I had to live through this. “I will” I promised my bleeding body, “I will...” Revenge was all I could think off, while I was flung to the floor like a rag doll.... “I will have my revenge.”


The End

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