“Detention,” my new and irritable Physics teacher bellowed at me.

“What? On my first day?!” I stared wide eyed at him, not even attempting to hide my shock.

“Yes. We don’t make any exceptions for the new kid. Especially not when they chew gum in my classroom.” His teeth were clenched and a vein in his temple throbbed dangerously. I blew out a frustrated breath and gazed around the class to see if any of my fellow students were willing to back me up. But of course I was now the new kid and that immediately put me at the bottom of this school’s food chain – even if I heard one of the cheerleaders whispering to her friend that she thought I was cute.

My eyes locked onto Tyler’s. He shot me the too-bad-look and mouthed “just take it.” I guess I had no choice really, seeing as my Physics teacher slammed the detention slip down on my desk. I curtly picked it up and shoved it into my school bag, trying to look like it was no big deal. Except it was a big deal. A very big deal. It might just be the reason my dad goes from unsure to certain about sending me back to live with Mum and her homophobe boyfriend.

No, I thought sternly. My brother needs me here as well. He wouldn’t be able to manage here on his own. It would make no difference if you keep getting detention, a voice in my head replied. “Shut up,” I muttered. Possibly a bit too loudly as my Physics teacher swung around and whispered in an acidic tone, “What did you say to me?”

Ah shit.

The End

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