Payton Smith

The four blank, bone white walls were closing in. There was no light - no windows - yet it was all so bright. The ceiling was collapsing in on me. I was deathly still. Perfectly calm.

My eyes refocused. I tuned back into the world.

"Well, well, well." Oh fuck. "What's the answer to my question Payton?" She said my name as though I was a dirty, thieving cheat - a murderer.

"I don't know." I mumbled, looking at the desk.

"And why don't you know?" What a patronizing idiot.

My mind showed me a picture - no, a film. It flickered and jumped, but I knew it all too well. It was the day I was born. I see my mum, smiling despite the pain she's in. She is determined to see her child.

She didn't go through this so that this stupid cow could patronize and bully me all day. I 've had enough of it.

I felt so calm on the outside, serene almost. On the inside, I was seething. Standing up, I shoved my books in my bag and zipped it up.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Shut the fuck up." Barging past her, I added, "Don't ever say my name again you, you..." Words escaped me.

"What?" Shrieked the teacher. "What am I then?"

"Fucking pillock."

I practically charged through the door. Moments before I heard the click of it shutting, I heard the words: "One weeks detention! Get ba-"

A smirk rested on my lips. I had just one thought on that little 'idea' of hers.

In. Her. Dreams.

The End

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