Payton SmithMature

Payton Smith

I stared at the teacher as she attempted to make me move from my place at the back of the room to stand at the front and read out my latest piece of english work. Shaking my head, I hid behind my fringe.

Why couldn't she just leave me alone? I've always said no when people ask me to speak in front of people. Besides, I've got bigger things on my mind right now.

I turned to stare out the window and ignore the teacher completely.

I wondered if my dad was okay. I'd washed and dressed him this morning and left him with some breakfast while I went to school.

He'd laughed and told me stories about when he was younger - when my mother was around. How she wanted the best for me. Told him that if she died in childbirth, he was to tell me all the happy times they had together. His hands had moved quickly when he was telling these stories. He was in his element and I didn't stop him from having fun.

I began to tear up, but I quickly surpressed the need. There were some loud noises in the background. I blocked them out and lost the world.

I'll have to dash back at lunch to give him his lunch and pain killers for his lung cancer. I really hope the puzzle books and films I got him with the money I'd saved up from my part time job at the cafe in town was enough to keep his mind off things. God knows he deserves better.

I tuned back in to the world. There was an eerie silence. I glanced around.

"Ah, Payton Smith! I'm so glad you decided to join us again." Shouted the teacher in a patronizing tone. "If you ignore me or disobey me one more time, you know exactly where you're going for two hours this Friday."

I rolled my eyes and stared at the desk until the bell went.

The End

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