Suicide by Cop

Magnets Coil [wasting] - The Mercy Cage

Bright eyed and weak kneed, converging on the sin it would almost be funny if it wasn't so tragic. Maybe my longer perspective on things makes me biased, but it seems to me an unlikely accident that the mortal could mistake their own idea of God for the real deal, that they'd come to worship not their own true creator but the idea of one, passed down imperfectly from one flapping, fleshy mouth to another.

It's lucky that Father is not here. Their so called Old Testament, laughably named given it's relative infancy, is far more accurate. Father wouldn't take this slight very well, Father is a vengeful and jealous one and their tales of hell and wrath and suffering couldn't begin to approach even the most lenient depths of the punishments he'd rain down upon them.

After all, they can die. Perhaps that's why I watch them, even though it disgusts me, like watching maggots writhing through the decaying flesh of a diseased corpse. In a way, I'm jealous. They have a way out. As the first children, we were born into slavery eternal, built to love our Father even as we suffered under tyranny for ages uncountable.

And then one day, Father disappeared. You almost can not blame the mortals for their false worship, when Father's guiding hand has been missing for so long. Even some of my brothers have taken to worshipping their false idol, ingrained in our very being is the need to love Father and in their weakness, even this imagined surrogate will do in his absence, but not I.

I'm one of the old guard, one who stays true to the Father we all love and fear and despise and I know there is only one true God and there is only one way he will return. It has been proven time and time again across the endless aeons. God is vengeance, God is spite. So I shepherd these mortals into greater and greater sin, greater and greater affronts to God's glory until no matter where Father has gone, God will not be able to ignore the slights against him and come back, raging and smiting.

My brothers call me demon, but I know what I am. I am truth, I am justice. I will bring our Father back and, I hope, God will turn his wrath upon me when Father learns of what I have done and I will finally die.

The End

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