Two Types of People

Circus- Britney Spears

“There’s only two types of people in the world…”

Giggles came from everywhere as girls queued messily, in a hurry to get to the school notice-board, where the over-the-com announcement had just declared were the sign-up-sheets for the annual talent competition. It was like this every year. The majority of Mary’s year went crazy! They all scrambled for a piece of the action, whilst Mary herself stood back, her storm-coloured eyes cast to the ground. In this day and age, it was shameful to shy away from attention- and there certainly would be a lot of attention when the whole school, boys, girls, and all, gathered to watch the performers on the grand stage of the auditorium. Mary supposed that there wasn’t a bigger event in the history of the school.

A gaggle of girls, a couple of them friends of Mary’s, skipped past her and began to push through to the white sheet, quickly filling up with signatures. In their hurry to be some of the first to inscribe their names to this momentous occasion, they almost missed Mary’s dark hair camouflaged to the paper of the display-board behind her.

“Oh hey, M,” Liona said, giggling as she identified her good friend eyeing the notice-board from a distance. “If you’re going to sign up this year, you’d better hurry; you know how they get if there is one too many names up. They don’t like the fact it takes up lesson time.”

By ‘they’, of course, she meant the teachers, with whom she shared a reckless dislike. It was quite the opposite for Mary, who got on well with all her subject teachers, despite not being the sharpest pencil in the case; they knew of her respect for work, and they also shared her opinion of talent-shows. It wasn’t a judgment of disapproval, but it was one that said that only fools would display their inadequacy to the world.

Mary shook her head, saying to Liona, “I’m not. I’m just…”

“Watching? As usual? You know, you should do something with your life. Like, painting, or writing, or something. As, obviously, you’re not a performer.”

Mary scowled.

“Just go and write your name, Liona.”

As Liona bobbed off, Mary continued watching the bunch of contestants, sighing, as she did every year. She wished she could share with Liona the truth, but the same thing that was holding her back from writing her name upon the list, had held her back for years. That feeling was the same one that stopped her from agreeing to the professors’ view that a talent show every year was a waste of time.

Oh, how contradictory society could be with its split straight through the divide of rich and poor, plain and exciting!

And there it was again: Mary’s shyness, the biggest contrast to her heart, which had once begged for the attention of everyone in sight. It wasn’t that Mary wasn’t a great musician or performer, it was that she would not let this new school see that she her greatness. After all, the saying ‘pride comes before a fall’ had hit at her badly; she had gloated about her chances, and had lost everything from one trolling semi-critic. And that time was when she saw that she would have to start her personality over again, even if it meant that she would be different from the girls that now crowded the hallways.

Oh well; there are always going to be two types of people in the world, Mary thought to herself as she continued scowling at the board; those who show themselves off and face failure, and those reserved few who are great inside themselves.

The End

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