Up, Up And Away

Up, Up, And Away by KiD CuDi

Now when the sun come up, I find myself stuck in an
alternative universe, the colours folding in and out of my sense and vision. A
world itself, almost, stuck between reality and chaos, between dreams and
choices. Why some would ask, I`d prefer such confusion over clarity...


Because the real world itself is so confusing on its own.
It`s overfilled with pain, misconceptions, unwanted-ness and lies. Of false
hopes, trails of seemingly endless problems that, I`m sorry, I just don`t give
a sodding hell about anymore. Why deal with all of that, when I can haze over
my mind and forget?


So, in the morning, I fly higher up and reach for them
fading stars. Higher than any of y'all can reach, that's for sure. I smile,
laugh, spin around in my bedroom and find myself lost within the maze of my own
imagination and dreams. Once looking in the mirror, I`m faced with that
familiar stranger, right? That stranger just happens to be me.


The only difference is that they have a smile on their face.

The End

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