I'd Come For You.

Nickelback - I'd Come For You

Just one more moment, that's all this needed...

To give me a chance. I don't ask for much, most of the time I don't need to ask. I can do it no problem. But this time, all I needed was that chance. I didn't need long to prove it either. One moment, a minute of your time. So simple, so easy, it would have been perfect. I could see how it would have played out. Imagining it in my head, but it was so vivid, so real, so perfect. Just one chance. 

I don't get any chances like that. Not from you. I should just give up. I should abandon you entirely and dismiss this whole dream I have. That's what I should do. But I can't. Like I can actually give you up voluntarily. You're my drug, my opium, my disease, my addiction. Why can't you see that? Why can't you see what you mean to me? Why can't you just...be as amazing as I know you are? 

I hate waiting, but I guess there's no other choice. I'll be wishing for that one moment. Until you either find someone else or you actually see me. I'm hoping it's the latter. I'm praying it's the latter. If you find someone else, it might actually break me.

No. No more waiting. It's time for me to do action. If I don't I'll regret it forever. At least this way, I'll have definitely had that chance. This is it. I'm outside your house. That green door with the brass knocker. I never use it. I knock on the wood, so you know it's me. This is it. Make or break. Please, give me a chance. 

The world works in strange ways. Here I am, worrying about you and whether you will ever see me, and then you knock at my door. I know your knock. It's your signature. I try not to rush to the door but I answer it far too quickly and there you are. 

There you are.

This is it.

That one moment.

Thank you. 

The End

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