I've Got My Hands Up

Hold Up- Demi Lovato

If the weapon is your love, I've got my hands up...

As we stare at each other from across the small coffee table that David has in his kitchen, he touches my  hair gently and brushes it with his fingers. I close my eyes, instantly hearing the soft thump thump thump of his beating heart. He brushes a piece of red hair out from my eyes so he can get a better look at them.

My breathing relaxes when I see his beatiful ocean-colored eyes. They bring me peace, especially when something frantic is happening to me. I treaure the time we have together, knowing how fragile a relationship like ours could be at times.

He tucks some of my bangs behind my right ear and moves to my cheek. He slowly makes his way down to my neck, then my collar-bone. I close my eyes again. I think about how I've got my hands up to his love weapon. I sigh. I think I just got shot at.

The End

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