There's A Place For Us

Composer/Lyricist: Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Sondheim
Song: Somewhere 

There’s a place for us,
I know it,
But it’s tearing me apart.
Because I know,
Just as certain
It exists only in my heart.

I see you in my mind
And despair
Of uncharted waters.
The only place
We belong together,
Mismatching slaughters.

I know such a place exists,
I feel it
In something more than soul.
But finding it
Inside my mind
Threatens to swallow me whole.

I know it’s there,
And will be,
Until death ends all we know,
But it exists
For only me,
So never both can go.

Is it real to you?
Please see it.
I’m at home when I am there.
But only you
Can make it home...
Please, let me take you there.

I know you can’t,
Perhaps you won’t:
We’re just not meant to be.
Where you and I
Belong together
Exists for only me...

The End

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