Stop Crying Your Heart Out

Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis

"Hold up... hold on... Don't be scared..."

hushed a mother as she hurried up the stairs. A flash illuminates the pictures lining the staircase. As she reaches the top Mjollnirs strike rings out and the infants cries are renewed. The mother feels her way through the darkness although she would easily find her way with out running her fingers along the walls. She does it to comfort herself. To feel the smooth sturdy surface under her skin as she walks the length of the hall.

She gently pushes the door aside as she enters her infants room. Slowly she steps toward the crib but stops short. Her arms are shaking at her sides, forming fists as she fights for a steadying breath. Her eyes close to the darkness. As her breathing slows again and all she can hear is the rain pattering on the roof, dull in the background. 

Another flash fills the room and recedes out the window as fast as it came in. She counts her breaths waiting for the thunder. Her body shudders slightly as the noise follows the flashes lead, leaving her as quickly as it came. She turns her back to the empty crib, and slowly feels her way back to the stairs as her tears find their way down her wrinkled face.

The End

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