Remember Me

Taking Over Me by Evanescence

     You don't remember me but I remember you.  My nails continued to dig into my palm even when blood started to drip down from it. Despite the dozens of people around you, you were resplendent. I recognized you immediately even after four years of absolutely no communication. 

     I stared at you intently, gritting my teeth. You were talking to someone on the phone. Who was it? Why were you calling someone when you never gave a single call? It made my blood boil. I could feel my face heat up. But when I saw you grin, I felt myself calm down. Yes, that innocent grin. The one I've yearned to see for years.

     A smile made its way to my lips as I walked towards you. The closer I got, the louder your voice became. Though it wasn't how I remembered it. It was a bit too steady. Calm. Confident. And your eyes are much more luminous than before. Your skin looked like it was lightly kissed by the sun. What happened to your pale complexion? What happened to you? Oh goodness. What a fool I am! I should never have let you out of my sight. But I shan't make the same mistake again. This time, you and I will be together forever.

     Your eyebrows raised as I tapped your shoulder. You shoved your phone in your pocket and gave me a happy, toothy grin. How... foreign.

     "Do you need anything?" You asked in a cheerful voice. I felt my heart drop. Where has your dull or sorrowful voice gone? I swallowed the lump in my throat and caressed your cheek with the back of my hand. Warm...

     "Darling... Have you forgotten me?" I asked. Confusion was written all over your face. I really didn't remain in your memory. My kisses, my embraces, my love.

     You shook your head and shrugged. "Sorry but nothing rings a bell."

     Tears began to form in my eyes. My shoulders trembled and I lowered my head, not wanting you to see looking so weak, so vulnerable. On the second year, I realized, despite my very unorganized thoughts, that the reason why you left me was because I wept right before you. While showing you how much I loved you, tears ran down my face. After that, I have not seen you again. 

     I felt you pat my head and I looked up. You wore a rather alarmed expression. "Wh-what did I do?" You asked. "I'm sorry if I don't remember you. I ju--"

     "It's alright," I said, cutting you off. I wiped my tears away and forced a smile. "Perhaps I have mistaken you for another. But may you please accompany me home? I am quite frightened to go all by myself."

     You looked a bit hesitant. "Why?"

     "I think... I have someone following me..."

     You nodded in understanding and patted my head. I wrapped my arms around you and rested my head in your chest.

     "Thank you! I'll guide you to my home!"

     I heard you chuckle and you gently pushed me away from you. Pouting, I shoved my hands in my pocket. You began to walk and whistled a tune. 

     My eyelids dropped and a small smile made its way to my lips. I tapped the blade of my knife. It's the same one I've used four years ago. I pressed my finger against the tip. The pain it brought me was nothing compared to what you put me through when you left me. I looked at your face one more time and giggle escaped my lips. I'll remind you just who I am and our love.

The End

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