Those Six Nights

"Kizutsuita toki wa  sotto tsutsumikonde kuretara ureshii..."

Locked up in a room together, I yearn for your touch. The gentle stirrings of our livid movements, of the caresses and breathed out promises together mark up my memory, and I dwell within them; it brings me comfort.

 Looking into your ever unique eyes, I seemingly drown within the strange colour, the milky pooling of grey within your irises. I fall deeper and deeper within the emotion that lies hidden away, only for me to see.

 The air is thick, dense, and hardly moving as we lie together on that ratty old bed. Our fingers are entwined; our legs tangled together, our chests flushed and naked against the other. Sweet, calming kisses are planted on my face, neck; anyway visible. I hum out of approval, shifting a bit to bring our forms even closer, if that was even possible.

 You sing me to sleep, with your ever angel like voice.  It`s rusted over with fatigue, yet you carry on for me. It`s a whisper, a breath, amiable syllables drenched in adulation, poetry falling and swimming about.

 As we sleep, the war-torn world outside that awaits us in the morning is all but forgotten. The troubles and brewing’s, the ill-advise problems can wait. All that matters is the in sync heartbeats of ours. All that matters is your smile. All that matters is the warmth of the night, and nothing else.

(Rokutousei no Yoru by Aimer)

The End

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