“I have…things to do,” I told Rosie as I waved goodbye. Then I turned and moved out the door into the ocean of paparazzi. They crowded all around me shoving microphones into my face and asking so many questions that I couldn't make out what any of them were saying. I pushed through them and then ran off toward the ghetto. 

It took me no time at all to lose every single one of the paparazzi in the twisting back streets of the ghetto. Once I had lost them all then I moved through the ghetto looking for a place to stay. Any abandoned building would do for the night. I felt kind of bad about not staying with Rosie, but it would have been even more awkward if I had stayed there. I'm not much of a people person and I am not sure that her parents would have approved of homeless as I am. I came up to a building, it's windows were completely gone and and the door was a blackened husk. It looked perfect for the job. I went inside and looked around, there was still the rotting remains of furniture around so I went into the bedroom. I took the mattress off of the bed and slept on the bedsprings. 

I woke up the next morning feeling very sore; it would probably have been better to sleep on the ground...I couldn't have used the mattress because it was completely rotten. Once I had gotten up I decided it was time to earn my breakfast. There was this little restaurant that allowed me to do little odd jobs for a little food, they didn't know my identity as the 'ice boy' though, and I hoped that they wouldn't recognize me from the news last night. 

It was 10:00 AM by the time that I had finally earned my breakfast of a fresh cinnabon. I thanked the manager then headed back for Rosie's house. It was a long walk, Sacramento is after all the capital of California, but I got there eventually...I knew the way like the back of my hand by now. Rosie was in the back yard (she lived in the suburbs where they actually have those) swimming. I smiled and made the water suddenly colder; half freezing it. 

Rosie gasped and jumped out of the pool. Once she was out she looked around and I ducked behind the wooden fencing around her backyard. When she saw no one she checked the pool's thermostat and shook her head amazedly. She stuck her toe in and yelped as I made it even colder. I couldn't help myself burst out laughing loudly. 

Rosie whipped around and saw me standing there laughing. "Oi! What are you doing?" she demanded in a high voice.

Once I had finally contained myself I managed to respond, "Sorry...I couldn't help myself..." 

Rosie shook her head sadly, "Some people!" she exclaimed indignantly. I smiled, tears of laughter still glistening in my eyes. Then the police sirens came blaring down the road to stop in her driveway. They came up and knocked on her door and her parents opened the door. 

"We're here to detain your daughter Rosie...she's guilty of arson and destruction of public and private property." The policeman demanded politely. 

Her parents invited the officers in and Rosie ran upstairs to change. I waited but she didn't come back out again. It was about an hour of anxious waiting later that she finally came out, her hands were hand-cuffed and she was being treated like a criminal! It had been an accident for crying out loud! 


The End

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