Rosie - Paparazzi

"Darnit! I should have happened to me..." Matt shook his head and then looked at me with his big eyes.

“Come with me,” he said.

“I don’t want another wild goose chase!” I cried as he began to run down the street. He stopped; his muscles relaxed and he stood away from me facing the other direction. Waiting. I caught up with him and stood in front of him, so he wouldn’t run off again. He towered above my five foot five - I reckoned he was about six foot two- he looked down at me.

“Well, what do you suggest? We can’t hang around here until they find us.

“I know, but we could just go and sit in a café until they leave.

“Bad idea,” Matt smiled. “They will never leave until they have what they want, and when they have it, they’ll twist it into something different.

“Well, why don’t we go and face the music then?” I asked; he smiled at me, properly, for the first time. It was one of those smiles which you can’t help but smile back at.

“Fine, your call.”


We rounded the bend again. I felt Matt’s arm around me as the paparazzi cascaded towards us, flashing their black cameras. A few microphones were pushed under my mouth.

“Would you tell us what happened, Rosie?”

“Did you mean to cause such mayhem?”

“Is this just one big magic trick?”

“You’re with Matt, the ice boy; are you two an item?”

“Can you shoot fire for us now?”



My mind was spinning, too many questions, none of which I wanted to answer.

“Step back,” Matt shouted, his grip around me tightened. A few people stopped and looked at him, but most of them ignored him. “Step back!” he called again. Still no response from the group of truth destroyers, Matt’s free hand shot in the air and ice went flying into the air, it reached as high as it would go and began to fall back down like large hail stones. Matt pulled my head under his arm, shielding me from the large beads of falling ice. The paparazzi shied away from the heavy ice stones, making sure their cameras and microphones were safe. Once all the ice had landed, the paparazzi all watched as Matt looked slowly at everyone.

“I said, step back!” he yelled in pure anger. This time everyone obeyed, “Rosie will not answer your questions, ever.” He smiled at me and let me go, “Thank you for your time,” he grinned and then headed towards my house. I followed in a jog, he opened the door as if he’d lived there all his life and walked in. My mum was stood just in the hallway; her face indicated she’d seen the explosion of ice, her mouth hung down in awe. Suddenly she blinked and zoned in on me.

“Rosie, what is going on?”

“I’m not one hundred percent sure yet,” I replied, Matt had walked into the lounge, closed the curtains and turned on the TV.

“We’ll look at the pictures now,” a few photos of a blazing car came onto the screen, I walked into the lounge and sat down, “We don’t know who she is, or how she does it, but we have a new girl, a perfect match for Matt Schoch also known as Ice Boy.” Matt grimaced.

“I always prefered Boy of the Ice, but whatever,” he grinned. I smiled back.

“We haven’t had an official interview with Rosie yet, but for all we know, she could be dangerous. Together Matt and Rosie could cause mayhem, we can only pray they use their supernatural power wisely.”


Matt smiled at me and then stood up.

“I better be off,” he smiled half heartedly.

“I bet your family are wondering where you are,” I smiled. Matt’s face flashed with pain.

“No, I won’t be missed.

“Then why go?” I asked.

“I have…things to do,” he replied and waved goodbye. With that, he was gone. I only wished I would see him again.

The End

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