Rosie - Happy Endings

I sat on a sofa, frozen. He was there. The love of my life, fighting. He was a natural, that was for sure, but I would give my life right now to have him safe. It was then, when I saw it. The man behind him, the man who had just appeared and Matt was blissfully unaware. The man lifted the gun. I stood up and screamed at the TV screen,

“Matt! NO!” My hands flew to my mouth, I didn’t want to watch but my eyes stayed glued to the screen. Matt keeled over, and stumbled, his hand gripping his side. I collapsed into my seat, on the edge of fainting.

“Help him!” I screamed again. The medics ran in, I sighed; suddenly the clip was replayed in slow motion. It was as if they were tormenting me, this time I saw the bullet fly through the air, hit Matt and come out the other side of him. I saw the pain on his face as he stumbled and bent over, I pressed my hands against my eyes.

“Please make it stop. Please make it stop,” I cried. I couldn’t see the screen but I could still hear it,

“Ice Boy has been injured badly, the medics are taking care of him now,” I opened my eyes to see another reply of Matt being hit. I found the remote and switched it off,

“God, please let him be okay,” I cried looking to heaven, “Please, please!” I stood up, I needed fresh air. I sat outside the station on the steps, repeating the prayer in my head, he had to live. He was alive, I would feel it if he were dead. I could easily have turned on the TV again and found out, but my legs wouldn’t carry me back to the room. My stomach felt tight with nausea and my head felt dizzy. A car pulled into the street and drove towards me, I barely noticed as I stared at the pavement and prayed. I looked up as the car stopped, there he was. My heart skipped a beat, he was alive!

“Matt! I was so worried, and when you got shot I…. but you’re okay now right?” I cried, tears falling down my cheeks, his arms wrapped around me. ‘Thank you God,’ I thought.

“I love you Rosie, I love you so much,” Matt said,

“Don’t you ever leave me behind again! Do you hear me?” I told him passionately,

“Rosie, let’s go home,” he kissed my forehead and I kissed his chest.

“Let’s.” I agreed. Matt took my hand and walked to the car,

“Officer could you take us to Rosie’s house?” Matt said, the policeman smiled and nodded, we climbed in the car.

Soon we were driving up my street; I got out the car and walked with Matt down the path to my house. I didn’t knock as I stepped in; Mum and Dad were in the kitchen,

“Rosie! Matt!” they smiled, Mum wrapped her arms around both of us and Dad stood proudly next to her,

“Welcome home… both of you,” he said. Matt’s eyes moisture up,

“Really?” he asked gruffly,

“You’re room is first on the right,” Mum smiled. Matt gave her a hug,

“Thank you very much,” he said. He turned to me and smiled, Mum and Dad went back into the kitchen.

“Rosie I promise to love you for forever, but I have a feeling that perhaps we should stay out of risking our lives for tonight. Perhaps a cosy night in?” he asked,

“Sound like a plan to me,” I smiled, “I love you.” I told him. He bent down and pressed his lips against mine, I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck; his hands twisted around my back and pulled me closer. My brain became incoherent and he was all I could think of. His lips were soft and warm, his breath smelt like… well it smelt like Matt, which was the best smell.

“Ah-hum.” My dad voiced, “Dinner is served.” He gestured to the dinning room, “A candlelit dinner for four.”

“Perfect,” I smiled taking Matt’s hand and pulling him into the dinning room to join our family, into the future, into a lifetime of happiness.

The End

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