I watched as the squad car rolled out of view around a corner. I felt so guilty and mad; it was all I could do to keep myself from running to catch up with it and telling Rosie that I had changed my mind and that she could come with me. I hated that I had to leave her behind, that I had to let her out of my sight, and most of all, that I was breaking my promise. I felt like I was going to explode with frustration and send ice flying everywhere. I moved over to a metal wall and began to punch it hard and fast.

Finally, with my knuckles bloodied I finished, giving the wall a good, solid kick for good measure. I took a deep breath and nodded to the officers, “I’m ready now, let’s go in.”

They nodded and prepared to get in. Just as we were about to enter a S.W.A.T. truck pulled up with two full squads of troops. “We have reason to believe that the people in there know we are coming and are prepared to resist.” The officer who came out of the truck informed us.

“How did they find out?” I asked surprisedly.

“The secretary at the police department was a spy,” he replied shortly. So she hadn’t been as stupid as I had thought…

Two S.W.A.T. troopers flanked the door. One cracked it open and threw in a flashbang before closing it again quickly. There was a thud as it went off, and then we all went in. There was a quick burst of gunfire as they made quick work of the blinded, but heavily armed men that had been waiting for us to come in. So my fit of fury had saved lives…God works in mysterious ways! We had control of the lobby now. I immediately iced over all the cameras that I could see so that they wouldn’t be able to track what we were doing. As I iced over the cameras I heard a fizzle and a pop, and smoke started to ooze out of the cameras. I smiled…now none of their cameras worked.

“The missile launch was planned for tomorrow, but they’ve moved it to today, so we have to hurry.” The S.W.A.T. leader informed us. We nodded and moved down the hall. I lead them all the way down to the office of the only man I knew would help us. The man who had let Rosie and me get a job without signing the contract. Mr. Jacob Ziller. As we entered his office he looked up and nodded at me.

“You know what I am here for,” I informed him.

He smiled widely, “Took you long enough…where is your girlfriend?” he commented wryly.

“Not here, now tell us where the missile is.”

“Alright, alright!” he said, raising his hands placatingly then gave us directions to the missile room. I nodded and we left to go take out the missile. We arrived at a door that would lead us into a room next to the launch pad for the missile. Again, two S.W.A.T. troopers cracked the door and threw in a flashbang before rushing in. They were both shot dead as soon as they tried to go in. Apparently the troops here were equipped with anti-flash goggles. I carefully moved to the door and motioned the others away from me. Then I closed my eyes and concentrated on making and ice wall form in the middle of the room. Once I had it standing, I made it roughly ten inches thick and incredibly strong. It wasn’t going to shatter until I wanted it to. Then I nodded at the reaming S.W.A.T. and police forces and walked into the room. Gunfire echoed across the room the ice’s surface got scratched by the bullets but held firm. Again I concentrated, this time on the people on the other side of the ice barrier. Soon ice was flying all over that half of the room, knocking out every one there.

I grinned and snapped my fingers for show. As I did so the ice wall shattered and fell to the floor. I nodded to the astounded S.W.A.T. leader and moved on the missile launch pad room. Just as I was about to start making another wall of ice, an army of reporters and paparazzi flooded into the room. I turned on them but the commander stopped me. “We need them to prove what we are doing here is right,” he assured me.

I nodded. So the whole world had seen my performance. I didn’t particularly like that idea, but at least Rosie knew I was still safe, and wouldn’t have to be worried because she would be able to watch my every move. I quickly formed another wall of ice in the next room and walked out. Just as I was about set the ice flying and knocking everyone out, an armor piercing bazooka missile shattered my ice wall and exploded into the wall next me. I was sent flying across the room and landed on my back. Gunfire rang across the building as the S.W.A.T. opened fire and began to clear the room. It wasn’t long before I regained my senses and joined in the fight. Sending icy bullets flying every which way.

Once the room was cleared I walked across to the missile. Flames and smoke billowed out from beneath it as it stated to launch. I stared for a second as it started to push up off the ground. I heard the reporters rattling on behind me, wondering what I would do, and whether or not I could stop it. I came back to reality and shot ice at the missile’s thrusters, stopping the flame and bringing it crashing back down to the platform. I quickly iced over the triggering mechanism as well to prevent it from going off as it hit the ground. Everyone cheered me on and I grinned. We had done it; Rosie and I had done it! We had saved the world.

I turned to the door, I was going to go pick Rosie up, and then we were going back to her house and we were going to start living normal lives. Just like we had been dreaming about since all this started. Maybe I would take her out to the movies tonight! I realized that the money Mr. Richmond had given us was still in my wallet and grinned. Maybe we would do more than just the movies. I was about to leave the room when a gunshot sounded from the corner of the room.

A bullet sliced through my side, leaving a burning trail of pain across my abdomen. I grunted and bit my lip to hold back a scream as I stumbled. Immediately medics who proceeded to take me to an on-the-sight-hospital surrounded me. They quickly disinfected and stitched up my wound, saying I was lucky that the bullet had gone all the way through causing minimal damage. All I could say was that I didn’t feel very lucky at the moment. They gave me a painkiller and I started to feel quite a bit better.

“Alright sir, you are well enough to even walk out if you would like to…” the head doctor informed me.

I nodded; I would do just that, for Rosie if no one else. As I walked out the doors I walked into a huge mass of people. One beautiful blonde girl with pretty blue eyes ran up to me and pressed a pen and paper into my hands. “Could you give me you autograph please?” she begged, batting her eyelashes prettily at me.

I sighed and shook my head, “No, I don’t do autographs…besides, I’m not your type.”

She pouted and gave me puppy eyes, “Pleeeeease?” she begged.

I sighed heavily, but signed the paper and handed it to her. She squealed ecstatically and rushed back into the crowd. I grinned and walked through the rest of the crowd, ignoring all the pens and papers that were shoved at me. I walked into a waiting squad car and was driven off to the police station to reunite with Rosie. She was waiting for me at the entrance. I opened my arms wide as I exited the squad car and she flew into them. “Matt, I was so worried, and when you got shot I…but you’re ok now right? Cause you’re here and…” she burst into relieved tears and I hugged her close.

“I love you Rosie, I love you so much.”

“Don’t you ever leave me behind again! Do you hear me?” she told me vehemently.

I grinned. “Rosie, let’s go home,” I told her, planting a kiss on forehead.

She sighed and we got into the car. My side still burned like crazy, but I wasn’t going to let Rosie know that, she had had enough excitement for a lifetime already. She cuddled up to me and nestled her head in my chest. I sighed happily and laid my cheek against her head. We could finally live like normal people. We could finally just be together and not have to worry about whether the person next to us wanted to murder us. I finally had a family again.

The End

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