Matt-Too Close


I held Rosie tightly against me. How many times a day did I wish that we could just be a normal couple? How many times an hour? I sighed heavily and massaged Rosie’s back with my palm. I loved her so much, if only all this could all be over and we could be together. Go to school, have a life, go on a date or two…or twenty, cuddle up together on the couch in front of a TV screen. I sighed again; at least I was still with Rosie. I hadn’t let go of her once since I found her again back at the police station. To tell you the truth, I have no plans of letting go of her any time soon.

It wasn’t long before Rosie was sleeping in my arms. I loved it when she did that. It feels so wonderful to be able to shelter the one you love as they sleep. To feel the steady rise and fall of their chest as they breathe rhythmically in and out; to know that they trust you so much as to fall asleep in your arms. For some reason I began to hum softly. It was a lullaby that my mom had composed while I was still a baby. I couldn’t remember the words, but the tune had always stuck with me. Rosie smiled I her sleep and nuzzled her head against my chest. I leaned down and softly brushed my lips against her cheek. Then I rested my own cheek against her hair. This was about as close to normal as it was going to get until we took down Anavex. I wasn’t going to forget a single second of this.
I woke up as the plane landed in San Francisco Airport. As I slowly blinked myself awake I felt Rosie begin to stir as well. She twitched and took a deep breath through her nose before opening her eyes and pulling slightly away from me. “Are we there yet?” she yawned sleepily.

I grinned lopsidedly she was so adorable, “Yes love, we’re just landing,” Then I leaned over and kissed her forehead. Rosie smiled and managed to plant a kiss on my cheek before I got out of range. I slipped my arm around her shoulders and waited for us to come to a stop so that we could disembark.

After getting through customs we went to gather out luggage. The place was almost completely empty! I wondered briefly as to why, usually airports had more people in than this…even at midnight! There were about four men scattered throughout the room. I shrugged and led Rosie to the conveyor belt where our luggage would appear,

BAM! Something hard thudded into the back of my head; dazing me. The next thing I knew Rosie and I were being dragged apart and Rosie was screaming. I shook my head, clearing it and immediately began to fight back at the hands holding me. I screamed angrily and began to struggle violently. I slammed my head back into the face of my attacker, and then firmly planted my feet on the ground. I bent over, flinging my assailant over my and onto the ground. I kicked the man below the belt and he curled up into a ball of pain.

I ran toward Rosie, a man was dragging her to a door as she screamed and struggled. I realized that he was wearing a fireproof suit. Rosie had tried (and was still trying) to burn him but it wasn’t helping. He let go of Rosie in fear as my vision began to turn red, no body messes with Rosie. He was soon plastered to the wall, covered in three inches of ice with a small breathing hole. I quickly moved over to Rosie and hugged her tightly. That had been close!

A gun barrel was pressed against my head and I froze. “Move out of the way boy. I’m going to shoot her, you can survive.”

I clutched Rosie tighter. She tried to get out of grip to present herself as a clear target but I didn’t let her. There was no way I was going to live without her. I screwed my eyes shut waiting for the bullet. “I love you Rosie,” I whispered.

A Bible verse ran through my head: There is no greater love than this, when a man gives his life for another. I smiled and took in another steady breath. The bullet never came. “I can’t do it,” the man said in a voice that cracked halfway though. I heard the gun clatter to the floor and looked around. The man was already running for an exit though and I didn’t get to see his face.

Rosie and I sunk to the ground together in relief. I began to cry silently, I had been so close to loosing Rosie! I don’t think I would be strong enough to take something that close again. I shuddered and clutched her tightly to me. That’s how the police found us when they rushed in to our “rescue.”

The End

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