Rosie - Back

After the incident Matt never let go of my hand, he smiled down at me as we walked back into the station,

“We’ve got news back from the raiders in California,” said the sergeant,

“And…?” Matt enquired,

“They managed to send messages to us, but they haven’t come back out,” he said gravely, I gasped,

“They’re dead?” I asked,

“We can’t be sure Rosie,” said the man kindly, “But it’s what we expect,” I shook my head trying to make it clearer,

“Just shut it down!” I cried,

“It’s not that easy,” he said. Matt took my hand and kissed it,

“Don’t worry Rosie,” he whispered, “We’ll get ‘em,” I couldn’t even force a smile,

“What if we don’t?” I challenged,

“Then we’ll be guilty for eternity, but we will, I’m sure of it,” he kissed my forehead, I sighed,

“As long as I’m with you,”

“And I with you,” he murmured,

“We’re taking you back to California,” said the policeman, “Mr Richmond and his body guard will travel with you, he’s hired a private jet,” Matt nudged me,

“See it’s not the end of the world, we’re going in a jet,” he said forgetting for a moment I couldn’t care less if we were travelling on horseback or in a space rocket, “Cheer up chuck,” he smiled.


A few hours later we were soaring across the sky in a plane, Matt sat on the edge of his seat staring out the window,

“That’s Kentucky below us now!” he enthused, “Come see Rosie!” I tried to stay positive and I crept over to him and glanced out the window,

“Cool,” I said weakly. Matt’s eyes softened and he opened his arms, I slid into his embrace and he rested his chin on my head,

“I’m so sorry about all of this,” he said,

“I don’t blame you one bit,” I told him sincerely, “I’m just fed up,” I huffed,

“I love you though,”

“I love you too,” I said nestling my head into his shoulder. I closed my eyes for a moment but they became heavy and soon I was sleeping safely in Matt’s arms.

The End

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