“Alright, how do you propose we shut down Anavex then? And do you know exactly how they plan on burning away the atmosphere?” asked the chief of police. It had taken a long time to persuade him, even with the recordings. But we had somehow managed to do it.

“No sir, I have no idea how they plan on burning away the atmosphere, but they certainly have the money and the man-power to do it,” I replied.

He nodded, “I’ll have to get a warrant for a search of their company. I warn you though it’s not going to be easy.”
”I didn’t expect it to be sir, after all, everyone thinks they are saving the world, not destroying it,” I replied.

They all nodded. “Alright then, “ Mr. Richmond said, “let’s not keep Rosie waiting.”

I nodded and got up. I wanted to be back with her. It had been hard enough leaving her behind in the office to wait. I moved out into the office. It was empty of everyone but the receptionist. She was blonde and looked like she didn’t care about much other than the way she looked. I immediately took a disliking to her. But where was Rosie?

I moved up to the receptionist, “Where did Rosie go?” I asked her.

She put down her nail file and gave me an “I can’t believe you are making me stop filing my nails just to speak to you” look. “Oh, that girl? I think she left about ten minutes ago.”

“Why?” I immediately wondered aloud.

“I don’t know…maybe she got bored?” the receptionist replied disrespectfully.

I glared at her and a layer of ice formed on the desk where I had my hand on it. “Sorry,” she muttered.

I rolled my eyes and moved out the door to go look for Rosie. Why did you leave Rosie? I asked to no one in particular. Where you really that hurt by my leaving you in the reception? I just couldn’t understand! I knew that girls were just un-understandable sometimes…but this was crazy!

“We’ll all help look Matt.” It was Mr. Richmond behind me.

The chief of police nodded in agreement, “I’ll get a squad or two to look for her as well.”

I smiled, “Thanks, that means a lot to me.” They both nodded and the search was on.

An hour later I was nearly hysterical; NO ONE HAD SEEN HER! Not one person! Surely she wasn’t invisible! I had searched all over the district! Asked every single pedestrian I came across! Not one single person had seen her! Not one! Eventually the chief came up to me and put a hand on my shoulder. “I think it’s time you took a rest kid,” he told me calmly.

“A rest? A rest! How can I rest when Rosie is out there somewhere! What if Anavex got her! I can’t live without her! I HAVE to find her!” I nearly shouted at him.

“Relax kid! I didn’t say we would stop. But look at yourself! You look like you’re about to have a heart attack! You need to take a rest…my men will keep looking, I promise.”

I ignored him and went to ask the next person whether they had seen Rosie. Same answer. Again the chiefs hand on my shoulder. I shrugged it off. But this time he grabbed me and dragged me into his car. He closed and locked the doors, then got in the front to drive me back to the station. Something inside of me snapped and I just gave into my hysteria. I started to cry, it was all my fault. I shouldn’t have left her out of the meeting. I should have shown her more love. I should have, I should have, I should have. My guilt began to pile up sky-high. It was all I could do to keep myself from slamming my head against the window of the car. As we neared the station I clenched my jaw and got a hold on myself.

By the time we pulled up in the parking lot I had regained a veneer of control. I got dejectedly out of the cop car and headed for the front door with the chief following me. I looked up and, to my VERY great surprise, THERE WAS ROSIE! I broke into a run. “ROSIE!” I screamed excitedly.

She looked up from a phone she was holding, it looked strangely like my phone, and broke into a grin. I swept her up swung her around. “Don’t you ever disappear like that ever again!” I commanded sternly as I put her down.

“It was you who did the leaving…I never left this police station!” she replied defensively.

“But the receptionist—“ my eyes narrowed. “—Stupid receptionist,” I interrupted myself as I realized what had happened,

I turned to the chief of police, “I strongly recommend that you fire your receptionist.”

He nodded. “My thoughts exactly,” he assured me.

With that I turned back to Rosie and enfolded her in a huge bear hug. “I was so worried, I thought Anavex had gotten you!” I whispered. “I’m never letting you out of my sight again!”

Let’s just say it was a long time before I let Rosie out of my embrace.

The End

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