Rosie - Abandoned

“You know I could arrest you for destruction of public property, violent actions and human assault,” I grimaced and snuggled into Matt’s side, my lips still tingled from our kiss. “I could also look at this from another angle and tell you that you were working for the good of the world,”

“Which we were,” Matt added, the policeman ignored him,

“We’re going to have to take you downtown,” I groaned and Matt took my hand calmly,

“I understand officer, but could you bring Mr Richmond?” the policeman nodded,

“The car’s out the back,” he said and a policewoman led us out the building. We didn’t speak in the car, but the way Matt held me made me feel safe, nothing could make me scared now. When we arrived at the station we took seats in the reception area, I noted that we weren’t being treated like criminals,

“You okay?” Matt asked, I smiled up at him and nodded,

“What’s going to happen Matt?” I asked, he shrugged,

“It could go either way, I’ll try my hardest to get you out of it, if I can,” my eyes widened,

“I’m going wherever you go!” I told him,

“No. I’m not letting you go to prison!” he whispered back,

“But I love you!” I cried. Matt’s face softened and he kissed my cheek, “I love you,” I murmured again,

“I love you too, so much,” he replied, I buried my face in his shoulder and he secured his arms around me. “I’m not going to let anything hurt you,” he said. I heard the doors open and Mr Richmond enter,

“Let me see them!” he cried, I pulled away from Matt. Mr Richmond was at the desk yelling at the receptionist,

“They’re over there sir,” she added hastily,

“Ah, kids,” Mr Richmond smiled, “We’ve got to do something, and quick!” he said,

“We’ve got to take them to question,” said the policeman who had appeared by Mr Richmond’s side.

“You don’t understand,” Mr Richmond said exasperated,

“Well explain it then,” he said,

“Get your chief of police,” Matt said standing up. He signalled for me to stay where I was, the policeman didn’t move, “Now!” Matt demanded. He scurried off,

“Thank you for saving my life back then,” Mr Richmond smiled,

“It’s nothing,” I smiled,

“Rosie, I want you to stay out here as Mr Richmond and I explain the situation to the police,”

“Why?” I cried standing up; Matt gently pushed me back down,

“You’re so fragile Rosie,” he said almost to himself, “This is becoming too much, please do as I say,”

“But I want to stay with you!” I said as a tear dripped down my cheek, I wiped it away and then looked away. Matt was right, I was exhausted and everything kept happening so quickly. But I so very much wanted to help and be with Matt, I stood up again,

“Please Matt!” I cried, he kissed my forehead and shook his head,

“I’ll be ten minutes,” he said quickly before kissing my hand and turning back to Richmond. A group of four high-up policemen entered the room and then the posse left to a conference room. I sat on the chair and couldn’t help but notice the receptionist staring at me; I stood up and went over to her,

“Is there a room anywhere? I’m so tired,” I asked, she directed me to ‘room thirteen.’ I followed the directions and found myself in the staffroom, no one was inside so I helped myself to a biscuit and lay down on the sofa. I knew I’d never be able to sleep so I practised making fireballs in my hands, after that I stared at the patterns of paint on the ceiling, then I twiddled my thumbs, turned on the TV, closed my eyes for a few minutes. Where were they? I checked the time, they must have been gone an hour and a half! I stood up and walked round the room, checked my phone for a text from Matt. Nothing.

“Can I help you?” said a voice, I screamed, jumped half a foot in the air and turned in one movement.

“Sorry you scared me,” I said,

“What are you doing here?” asked another policeman who I didn’t recognise,

“I’m waiting for someone,” I replied,

“There’s a waiting room in the front,” he said pouring a cup of coffee,

“The receptionist sent me here,” I explained, he took a donut and offered me one. Typical American policeman, I thought.

“Who are you waiting for?” he asked,

“My friend, he’s having a meeting with the policemen and Mr Richmond,”



“The whole group left about an hour ago,” he said with a mouthful of donut,

“What?!” I cried,

“Yeah, they’ve been gone ages,”

“Do you know where they went?” I asked,

“Nope, I heard the receptionist telling them you had already left,” he shrugged,

“But I hadn’t!” I cried,

“Obviously,” he indicated at me,

“Crap!” I stomped my foot,

“Go ask her why she told them that?” the policeman said,

“Okay,” I replied and headed back to the reception. The receptionist was still there filing her nails, “Excuse me,” I said, she looked up,

“Oh my! I thought you’d left!” she said, “I told the others you had, they’ve all gone out looking for you!” she grimaced, I narrowed my eyes,

“I’ll ring Matt,” I said and dialled the number; I waited as it rang as I heard a familiar tune just outside. I walked out the doors and saw Matt’s phone on the steps just outside. I groaned and picked it up,

“Great, I’m screwed.”

The End

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