Matt-Attack on the Senate

“Thanks for being such a good friend,” Rosie whispered.

"No, thank you," I replied. "For staying, for trusting me even after..." I trailed off and hugged her with the arm that I had around her. She relaxed against me for the rest of the bus-ride and I took comfort in her closeness. Rosie was invoking feelings in me that I hadn't even known I could feel, and it felt really good. I felt alive for the first time in ages. 

I silently closed my eyes. Thank You God, for providing me with a friend that cares, someone who I can love and be loved by. 

The bus ride was quite uneventful and we got off near the capital building. "Do you have an appointment?" asked the clerk at the desk when we demanded to see Mr. Richmond. 

"No, but he will want to see us when he hears who we are." I said impatiently. 

"I'm sorry sir, but without an appointment you will not be allowed to see the senator. If you want to schedule a meeting with him his next open area will be in three days." 

"You don't understand!" I cried out; thoroughly frustrated by this point, "this is incredibly important!" 

"I'm sorry sir-" the lady at the desk began to repeat.

"DON'T 'I'M SORRY SIR' ME!" I exploded, slamming my hand down on her desk. As I did so the desk froze over. 

For a while the lady just sat there, but then she picked up the phone with shaking hands. "H-hello, S-senator Richmond? There's two people here to see you, a boy and a girl...they say it's important." 

After nodding a few times, she hung up and motioned to the door. 'T-the senator will see you n-now," she said shakily. I nodded and motioned for an astonished Rosie to follow me inside. 

"Sorry about back there," I told her as we got out of hearing range of the lady at the desk, "I had to find some way to get to her." Rosie nodded, halfway mollified. We went through another door at the end of the hall way and entered Mr. Richmond's office.

"So, what brings you two back so soon?" he asked. "You know there isn't anything I can do so quickly." he greeted us. 

I cut right to the point, "Rosie and I were kidnapped, right outside the building." I informed him. 

"What!? How?" he asked incredulously. 

"The taxi we went on wasn't really a taxi," I said flatly. "I'm just happy both of us got out alive," I added, pulling Rosie close. There was no way I was letting her out of my sight anytime soon. 

The lady at the desk screamed, but was cut short by a short burst of gunfire. I whipped around to face the door, placing myself between Rosie and the door. I wouldn't be able to take it if Rosie were hurt or killed.  A man in a mask burst through the door carrying an uzi. "No body move!" he demanded. We all froze. 

"Give me the Senator and no one else gets hurt!" the man continued. 

"Now just a second here...let's just talk about this-" Mr. Richmond ventured.

"NO!" The man screamed as he pointed the gun at the senator, "COME HERE NOW!"

Mr. Richmond raised his hands up and slowly started to move toward the man with the gun. As soon as the man turned his gaze away from me I lifted my hand and fired two bolts of razor-sharp ice in his direction. The first at his gun, the second at his knee cap. It worked, the gun went flying as the man crumpled to the floor. Just as that happened though another man burst through the door. I jumped at Rosie, and curled around her protectively on the floor as the man fired his sub-machine gun around the room. I planted a kiss on her cheek before getting up and facing the man. I pointed to his partner, rolling on the floor in a spreading pool of blood. 

"You wanna end up like him?"  I asked. 

The man sneered at me, "Try it boy." 

Suddenly he looked down to find his pants were on fire. I smiled and sent a big round ball of ice at his temple, knocking him out. I winked at Rosie as we moved out to the hall to clear that of any others. There was a group of ten more out there waiting but we made quick work of them. I coated the floor in ice, then Rosie set them on fire as they fell to the ground. The police arrived at that point and arrested all the criminals. 

I pulled Rosie to me. "Nice work," I grinned at her, then leaned forward and pressed my lips against  hers. Her eyes closed in pleasure as she kissed me back. It seemed like every nerve ending was on fire, as electricity ran through every bit of my body energizing me. It was pure made everything we had gone through so far completely worth it. 

When we pulled apart a policeman was approaching us. "Uh-oh," I whispered to Rosie.

The End

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