Rosie - Escape

I grabbed hold of Matt’s T-shirt as we headed out the building,

“You know what I said about not using your power as a weapon?” Matt called as he ran,

“Yeah!” I replied,

“Forget it, use your fire in any way you think helpful!” he cried back. I let go of his shirt and continued to keep up with him, suddenly a door behind us crashed open and four people in black, with guns, piled into the corridor.

“Freeze!” one yelled, I stopped and turned, I heard Matt’s footsteps continue, he hadn’t heard.

“Or burn.” I stated, flicked my wrists and allowing a ball of fire the same size as a van to roll off from me and towards them.

“Holy…” his voice disappeared in the sound of fire crackling. I didn’t have time to check they were dead, I turned and sprinted away from them, if my back was to them I could be shot at anytime. I rounded a corner into Matt’s arms; he sighed in relief and kissed me quickly.

“Thank God, don’t stop like that again!” he said before heading off,

“Wait!” I called, he stopped and turned,

“This way,” I said pointing at a door to my left, which said ‘fire exit’ above it.

“Ah, what would I do without you?” he asked,

“You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me,” he rolled his eyes and jogged through the door,

“If I was without you, my life wouldn’t be complete,” he contradicted. He smiled at me and then picked up the pace. The door at the end opened and three more people were standing there, they were without guns.

“Stop and don’t do anything!” one yelled, Matt stopped and so did I,

“Let us through, we’ve done nothing wrong,” Matt said,

“To us, no, you’re innocent. To Anavex you’re lethal,”

“What are you going to do?” I asked my voice quivering,

“Jason here has a button, which sets of a bomb just above you,” we both looked up; there was a trap door which had a picture of a skull and cross bones on it.

“Rosie,” Matt turned to me, hope drained out his face, “I love you,” he whispered,

“Matt…” was all I could manage. With his eye which was not seen from the three men he winked, he pulled me closer,

“Let me say goodbye first,” Matt said,

“You have thirty seconds,” Jason replied. Matt wrapped his arms around my neck and rested his chin on my head. One of Matt’s hand suddenly came free and instead of shooting ice at the men, he blew a shard of ice straight through the skull and cross bones. I stepped back and made a ball of fire with my hands; I faced the men and narrowed my eyes.

“Let us pass,” Matt had sealed the door with ice; Jason was frantically pressing the red button on his remote control. “Won’t work Jason, it’s all frozen.” Matt beamed and then his face suddenly changed into a haunting look. “Move.” He growled, the men split up and left the doorway open. “Come on,” Matt said, still slightly scary. We walked side by side, the fireball still hanging as a threat in my hands; we passed the men and began to run away.

“YOU KNOW, WE’RE ON A CONTRACT! WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP!” came a faint voice from the fire door; the message left me almost in tears. Matt caught a bus and sat down out of breath,

“Where are we going now?” I asked,

“Back to Mr Richmond.” He said flatly, “We need body guards,” he put his arm around me and I rested my head on his arm, he gently rested his head on mine.

“Thanks for being such a good friend,” I whispered.

The End

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