“Don’t worry love; I’m not going to throw you in with the sharks. I’ll do the talking; you butt in when I miss something out, got it?” I assured Rosie. She smiled and nodded as I got up and moved over to her. We were so close she had to crane her head up in order to see me. She smiled up at me and I just couldn't hold myself back any longer. I leaned over her and pressed my lips against hers. Chills ran down my spine as I wrapped my arms around her. I could feel her love and mine rushing up to meet. She really did love me, just like I loved her. 

All to soon footsteps sounded in the hall and I had to break away. Rosie's eyes widened as she realized someone was coming, and she ran her hands quickly through her hair to fix it up as best she could. I smiled at her, we were certainly going to have to finish that kiss. Then the door opened to reveal a man I assumed was Mr. Richmond.

“Welcome. Welcome!” he greeted us as he shook our hands. 

“I’m Rosie and this is Matt,” Rosie volunteered.

“I know who you are,” he said taking a seat and gesturing for us to do the same, “We’ve even talked about you in our government meetings.”

“Wow we’re famous,” Rosie replied brightly.

“What did you say?” I asked, I wasn't sure I was going to like what I was about to hear...everyone out there seemed to see us as a danger, they didn't even give us a chance!

“We were talking about the threat you pose on society,” Mr. Richmond replied.

“Well let me tell you about another threat, a bigger threat, a threat which could damage the future for all generation. A threat bigger than global warming or nuclear bombs," I told him.

“Go ahead; tell me why you’re here.”

I went on to explain what Anavex was really planning on doing, how we knew, and the all the effects of what Anavex had planned; I even presented him with a recording of the meeting that we had stumbled across while hiding in the cabinet. There had been a recorder in the cabinet and God had given me the presence of mind to record the meeting for a time like this. By the end of my explanation Mr. Richmond took the recording with an open mouth and wide eyes. 

"I'll need to present this to the minister of defense immediately!" he told us. He handed us four hundred dollars, "Here, take this and go out for lunch at some nice restaurant." 

We both nodded and gawked at all the money; I had never seen so much in one place before! We were escorted to the door by one of his assistants. Before we left the assistant got my cellphone number so that Mr. Richmond could get a hold of us when he had figured out what to do about all this. With that she closed the door and Rosie and I went to find a taxi to a restaurant. I signaled a taxi and he came over. "What is a good and five-star restaurant?" I asked the cab driver. 

"I would suggest Cityzen," the man replied after a little thought.

"Then take us there please," I replied.

The cabby nodded as Rosie and I got in and we started moving through Wahington D.C. As we passed the White House Rosie pointed it out and started to bounce around in excitement. I smiled, remembering when I had first visited here. "Hey, why don't you let us out here," I called to the cab driver; Rosie had to see the White House. Immediately people came out of the back of the cab and grabbed Rosie and I. We both started to struggle against them, but a gag was stuffed into my mouth and these strange iron "gloves" were capped onto my hands. When I tried to use my ice, it just made the iron really cold and uncomfortable against my skin. I kicked out at my captor and was rewarded with a grunt as his grip loosened. I struggled some more but the guy punched me in the back of my head. Stars exploded across my vision leaving blackness behind. 

I woke up with Rosie curled up against me, crying. My head also hurt like crazy. I tried to wrap my arms around her, but they were chained behind my back so I had to settle with curling up around her and pressing my cheek against her hair. She sniffed and pressed herself tighter against me. I tried my ice abilities again, but it had the same effect.

Then I had an idea. "Rosie," I whispered, "I think I might know how to get free."

She perked up a little and quieted down as she waited for me to explain. "You know that iron will break if it heats up too quickly from a cold state. I need you to put your "gloves, against mine after I have made mine really cold. That should shatter them. Then I can supper-cool yours and do the same thing." She nodded and we turned around in order for our "gloves" to touch. It wasn't long before we were both free. I almost laughed as I threw my arms around Rosie. "Thank God we were still alive," I whispered. Rosie nodded as she pressed her head against my chest. 

"Aw, how touching," a voice sneered from across the dirty room we had been stuffed in. I flew around, placing myself between Rosie and the voice. There was a man standing there with a gun pointed directly at us. "I'm sorry to break up this touching scene, but somebody called the exterminator...and I gotta do what I gotta do...nothin personal."

I immediately ducked and pulled Rosie down with me as two bullets flew past our heads. I shot two balls of ice at his head, knocking him out. I looked at Rosie, "I guess we better get out of here."

The End

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