Rosie - The Threat

We ended up staying the night at home; Mum could only get tickets for the following day, so we spent a night of luxury at home. We watched a film, ate popcorn and relaxed together for the first time. It was then that I got to see Matt for who he truly was, a really decent guy and I was pleased I had met him. After forcing him to watch a girly chick flick, we went up to sleep. Matt slept in the guest room and I in my own bed, it was strange knowing that tomorrow we’d take up our chaotic lives again, and for some reason I was dreading it. What I really wanted right now was to settle back into normal life, but this time with Matt. He could stay in my house, eat the food, drive our cars. We’d adopt him into the family and think nothing of it; I had a good dream that night.

“Wake up Rosie.” Bam. Back to reality, I woke early, packed a proper suitcase of clothes and let Dad drive us to the airport. Dad helped us find the terminal, asking no questions, I guessed Mum had explained it all to him. He kissed me goodbye and told me to send my regards to Mr Richmond, and then we were off. To Maryland, Washington D.C.

“Nervous?” Matt asked,

“Why would I be?” I asked, Matt grinned a sideways smile,

“I don’t know, the fate of the human race is in the palm of your hand,”

“My hand? Your hand too!”

“More you, you have to schmooze Mr Richmond,”


“Make him like you, make him see your side of the deal, make him shut the company down,” Matt smiled again,

“And you feel none of this pressure?” I asked,

“Nope,” Matt grinned, “Okay, maybe a little,”

“How much?”

“About this much,” he showed with his fingers, I laughed,

“Not much then,” I replied,

“Nah, if it all goes wrong. I blame you,” we joked back and fourth for a while and then ate breakfast.

“Mmmm aeroplane food,” Matt said playing with the mush,

“If you’d have chosen the toast, you’d be fine!” I said grinning with my toast and jam – or jelly as Americans say. 

“Well I can’t give it back now,” Matt smiled at the lump of mush, “Mmmm-mmm,” he said sarcastically.


On arriving at Washington D.C airport we got a taxi to the politic area of the city, there we found our way to Mr Richmond’s building and then we were shown our way to his office. We were shown inside,

“He will be with you in a few minutes,” said his secretary and she left us alone. The office was filled with plants, books and pieces of paper. In my opinion it was a mess, but the large desk and comfy chairs made it look cosy and homely.

“What are we going to say?” I asked,

“Don’t worry love; I’m not going to throw you in with the sharks. I’ll do the talking; you butt in when I miss something out, got it?” I smiled and nodded. He came towards me and looked down, we were so close I could feel him touch me; I craned my head up and smiled. He pressed his lips onto mine and gently kissed me. My heart began to race and my palms sweated, there were footsteps and Matt pulled away. My eyes widened and I ran my hands through my hair, the door opened and there we were, stood smiling at the man. He had a short beard and short brown hair, his eyes were wide and wild and his lips curled up in excitement when he saw us. He pushed his glasses further up his nose and he shook our hands.

“Welcome. Welcome!” he smiled again, I smiled back,

“I’m Rosie and this is Matt,”

“I know who you are,” he said taking a seat and gesturing for us to do the same, “We’ve even talked about you in our government meetings,”

“Wow we’re famous,” I smiled,

“What did you say?” Matt asked more suspiciously,

“We were talking about the threat you pose on society,” he replied,

“Well let me tell you about another threat, a bigger threat, a threat which could damage the future for all generation. A threat bigger than global warming or nuclear bombs.”

“Go ahead; tell me why you’re here.”

The End

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