Matt-Mrs. Sanders

“The phonebook is on the counter," Rosie's  mom said exasperatedly. then she turned to me as Rosie went to the phone. “Tea Matt?” she asked.

“That would be lovely,” I said, trying to imitate British speech patterns as I followed her into the kitchen.

"So, might you be able to explain to me what has been going on since the night you took Rosie and disappeared?" Rosie's mom asked. 

I quickly realized what this must look like to her and turned pink. "I'm sorry Mrs. Sanders, this must all seem you. But it isn't; at least not the way you are thinking, you know about the company Anavex?" Rosie's mother nodded and I continued, "They are not here to help the world after a meteor is purportedly going to burn away the atmosphere. They are really going to burn the atmosphere away themselves, giving them power over our lives. Me and Rosie are sure of this because we heard it from the owner of Anavex himself...though he doesn't know that we heard. That is where we were...and we still need to get this information out to someone who can stop them. That's why we are here right now." 

Rosie's mom looked at me like I was some wacko, "Mhm" she said, disbelievingly. 

"Mrs. Sanders, if I were lying to you, don't you think I could come up with a more believable lie?" I asked.

Mrs. Sanders sighed heavily. "I guess's just that what you are saying is so...fantastic..."

"I had a hard time believing it myself," I sighed in a melancholy way, "but things happened...they made me believe." As I finished I formed a block of ice above my hand, and shaped it into a likeness of my father. I sighed again and placed it on the table. "You're daughter can do the same with fire you know," I said, my voice hardening to push back the pain. Rosie's mom just stared open-mouthed at the bust of my father sitting on the table. 

“We’re going to Washington!" Rosie exclaimed excitedly as she burst into the room.

"Washington?" I asked quizzically, "Why are we going to Washington?"

"Because that is where Mr. Richmond told us to meet him," Rosie said in a confused voice.

"Did he mention where in Washington we should meet him?" I asked.

"Well, no...but he is in the Senate so I would imagine in his office in the Senate building."

It finally clicked, "Oh! You mean Washington D.C.!" I exclaimed. "I thought you were talking about Washington! D.C. is a long way off though..."

"There are two Washingtons?" Rosie asked curiously. 

I nodded, "One is North of here, and much closer, it's a state. The other is Washington D.C. and it is the capital of the USA." Rosie nodded as she absorbed the information. "I've never been to D.C." I commented.

Rosie smiled, "Then it'll be a new experience for the both of us!"

"Just one do we get there?" I asked.

Rosie looked at her mom pleadingly, "Pleaaasseee mum?"

Rosie's mom sighed, "Well, I suppose I could get you two plane tickets..." she trailed off.

"Thanks mum! You're the best!" she said, moving up to her and hugging her. 

I sighed quietly and looked away as my throat tightened. I had to contain my emotion, if I kept this up Rosie would notice. I had to bury it, contain it within I always did. I clenched my jaw and closed my eyes as I took a deep breath and slowly let it out. By the time I had regained control of my outward emotions Rosie had finished hugging her mother and was walking over to me again. "We're going to Washington D.C.!" she said so delightedly it was almost a squeal. 

I smiled widely...I would have hugged her, but I didn't know how her mother would have reacted to that so I settled for rubbing her head. She gave me a dirty look as she tried to fix her mussed hair. I grinned widely and noticed that Rosie's mom was also smiling. That was a good sign.

Mrs. Sanders sent Rosie out to go change and then turned to me and started to drill me with questions. Things like, "Are you Christian?" and "What did you do before you found your...powers?" I knew she had seen the way I felt about Rosie, hence the questions, and I tried to answer them in all honesty,she seemed satisfied. Then one last question, "Where is your family?"

I looked away and closed my eyes trying to keep my emotions from boiling over. I took a deep breath. "They're dead," I replied with a swallow. "It's why I look like...this..." I said, indicating my clothes which were starting to get a little threadbare. 

"Oh," Mrs. Sanders replied, "I'm so sorry!" 

I swallowed once more and took another deep, steadying breath, "It's ok." 

Rosie came into the kitchen again, "Back!" she exclaimed happily.

I stuck a smile on my face again and pushed my emotions back before turning to her. "Hey! You look great!" I exclaimed. She had taken a shower and changed her clothes and looked a lot better than she had before. 

"Would you mind if I used your shower as well?" I asked. 

Both Rosie and her mother shook their heads. "It's all right with us," Rosie said with a grin.

I smiled. "Thanks," I said as I headed to the bathroom.

The End

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