Rosie - Mr Richmond

I woke up shivering – back to reality. Matt was still asleep and I curled up next to him for warmth, by 6am we were both up.

“I’ll get us breakfast,” I offered,

“Nothing too expensive,” Matt warned. I smiled and bought us a bacon sandwich,

“What next?” I asked biting into the warm roll; Matt applied some tomato ketchup and thought for a moment.

“We still have to stop them wrecking the earth, but from the outside.”

“My dad knows someone high up in government,” I offered, Matt paused mid-bite,

“That might work,” he said smiling,

“I could use a visit back home,” I said pulling at my clothes I’d worn a few too many times this week. Matt grinned,

“Home it is,” Matt started to walk,

“Do you think they’ll be paparazzi?” I asked,

“Maybe, maybe not, not as many as before, that’s for sure.” We weren’t too far away from my house and when we reached it, there weren’t any black vans waiting to pounce and we walked right up to the door.

“I should probably ring first,” I said pressing the doorbell. The sound echoed around the hall, my mum opened the door. She looked at me for a moment before throwing her arms around me and crying out,

“Rosie. Oh it’s my Rosie!” Matt stood by my side and my mother looked at him, “Hello Matthew,” she smiled. He laughed and shook her hand, “Come on in,”


We stepped into the familiar house and sat down on the sofas,

“I’m so pleased you came back, what have you been up to?” I glanced at my watch,

“I haven’t really got time Mum,” I said, “I need to speak to Dad,”

“He’s at work honey,”

“Well I need his address book,” I smiled sweetly,

“What in the heavens for?” she asked,

“I need to talk to a Mr Richmond,” I explained,

“The man in government?” she asked, “Rosie I insist you must explain what you’re doing,”

“I can’t,” I cried, Matt rubbed my shoulder,

“We promise to tell you everything the moment we can,” Mum pursed her lips,

“Rosie, you’ve only just come home,”

“And I’m about to go again,” I warned, “I need to speak to Mr Richmond, and perhaps after that we’ll have time for a snack and a catch up.” I smiled,

“The phonebook is on the counter,” Mum said exasperated, “tea Matt?” she asked,

“That would be lovely,” he smiled and followed her into the kitchen, leaving me to deal with Mr Richmond. I found his name, dialled the number and waited.

“Hello Mr Richmond’s office, how can I help?”

“I must speak to Mr Richmond.” I said forcefully,


“A friend of Mr Sanders,” I replied,

“Very well,” he replied formally, “One moment please,” I waited and then a new voice came on the line.


“Mr Richmond,” I breathed, “I have some very important information, which I disclose to you because you are a trusted friend and you have power to help. I cannot give you my name, for fear the dreadful regime would torture me for it.” I exaggerated a little,

“Continue,” said Mr Richmond,

“I come from the company Anavex, the company supposedly bringing oxygen to every family so we can live when this meteor strikes.” I explained. “However, no meteor exists. If you hired a trustworthy astronomer they could tell you the same thing, Anavex are planning on burning the atmosphere for their own gain – to get a profit!” I cried. “I know this sounds unbelievable, no sane mind would prevent every single human from going outside. It’s all going to happen in a few weeks and you are the only person I know who can help!” I finished.

“Rosie?” he asked,

“How do you know?” I asked,

“I know your dad well enough, come and visit me, in Washington as soon as you can. I’ll keep my schedule open for you, only for a week. You must come,” he put the phone down. I almost ran into the kitchen.

“Matt.” He turned,


“We’re going to Washington!” I explained.

The End

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