She kissed me! Rosie actually kissed me. I just sat there for a while as that registered with me. She glanced back at me and grinned at my reaction. I got up to follow her to the desk and we both got back to work. It was another three hours before we were finally let off for the day. "Rosie, we're going out for dinner." I stated simply...the food here just wasn't something I cared to experience again. 

"Can we go out to Arby's again?" Rosie asked eagerly.

I smiled...curly fries were pretty amazing stuff..."Yes, we certainly can."

"Yay!!" Rosie exclaimed happily. 

I laughed and led her back out into the city of Sacramento. It didn't take long to find an Arby's and we quickly ordered and sat down. We sat next to each other and I put my arm around her while we waited. She snuggled into my chest and I pulled her closer with my arm. I sighed, it was so nice to have someone I could care about like this. It wasn't all that long before our food was ready and I went up and brought it back.  Rosie dug into her curly fries immediately after we thanked God for providing for us and it made me grin. 

When we had finished we headed back to Anavex to bed down for the night. As we passed Ziller's office I heard angry voices emanating from the room. I stopped Rosie and listened in. 

"...You know they have to sign the contract Ziller! What if they've already told someone about our plan?" It was Mr. Black.

"I'm sorry sir, I'll make sure they've signed the contract tomorrow morning as soon as they come in sir." That was Ziller.

"Not good enough Ziller, we can't let them out of here can we trust them if they won't willingly sign the contract? They must be planning on giving away our secrets! I'm going to have to put this whole place under lock-down; no one comes in, no one goes out; and shut off all the phones too." I could almost see the spittle flying from Mr. Black's mouth as he raged. 

Suddenly there were footsteps from inside headed toward the door. I nodded to Rosie and we ran, we had to get out of here! They would kill us if they found us! We tore down the hall, though I was careful to keep up a pace that Rosie could handle. 

"Attention! All personnel, we are now under lock-down, if anyone is found trying to exit the compound they will be taken into custody." Mr. Black's voice boomed out through a hidden speaker system. We were to late to use the gate...we had to find some other way out. I heard footsteps coming down the hall toward us, and I pulled Rosie into an empty room. Mr. Black, followed by several armed guards trooped through the hall past us. As soon as they were out of sight, Rosie and I headed the opposite direction. We headed out the back doors and looked at the gate. The fence around the place was electrical, so we couldn't climb it. The gate was heavily guarded, no way that way would work either. There had to be a way over the fence...I thought hard about it. 

Just then a small troop of guards saw us and headed toward us. "Put your hands in the air, and make no quick movements, or we will shoot," the leader commanded.

Rosie and I both put our hands up, but as they came close a stream of both fire and ice shot out at the guards. The ice coated the ground they were walking on while the fire caught on their clothes. They began to run around trying to put the fire out, only to slip and fall...hard enough to knock themselves out. I nodded at Rosie, who smiled. Using our abilities had given me an idea, I immediately got to work forming ice into a staircase so that we could just climb it and jump over the fence without touching it. It took about ten minutes of anxious work before I was done. Then Rosie and I started up it carefully. Rosie almost slipped twice, but I caught her before she touched the fence. When we got to the top we prepared to jump. "You! Stop!" It was yet another troop of guards, headed our way. I grabbed Rosie and we jumped together. I heard a gun go off and a bullet smashed into the ice staircase. I helped Rosie up and we ran off into the night. 

Eventually Rosie couldn't run anymore so we stopped for a rest. I didn't hear any pursuit so I relaxed against a wall, breathing heavily. "Well, back to living on the streets I guess," I commented once I had regained some composure.

Rosie smiled at me, "Yeah I guess so."

I looked around, we had just gotten out of downtown Sacramento, so I headed us back toward the homeless shelter we had stayed in the other night. The night was starting to get cold and I saw Rosie shiver. I reached my arm around her and pulled her close so that my body warmth could warm her up a bit. She leaned her head against me as we walked, and it wasn't long before I felt her shivers stop. When we got to the homeless shelter they turned us out, "We're very sorry, but we are completely full," the man who met us informed us sadly.

I nodded and we left. It was way to dark to look for another this part of the city, you didn't sleep in a building unless you knew it was unoccupied. Otherwise you might wake up to find yourself surrounded by angry people with knives and clubs waiting to beat you. That being the case I took Rosie to a nearby park and found a bench for us to lay on. I put my arm around her and she tucked herself into my embrace. She lay her head on my arm and I kissed her forehead. It was really late and therefore she was asleep almost immediately. I stayed up a little longer just enjoying her closeness as she slept. Eventually her even, rhythmic breathing lulled me to sleep as well. That night I dreamed that Rosie and I had gotten past this crisis and proceeded to live normal lives...together

The End

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