Rosie - Cole Black

I hated it here already, the people were just so rude, the work was tedious and the food…don’t even go there. The only thing keeping me there was Matt. When that man had touched me, I had so badly wanted to use my flamethrower, but as Matt had said I shouldn’t. Not here.

As he held me tight I wanted to seek comfort in him, I pressed my lips against his chest and held on tighter.

“Ah, the new people, I’m pleased to see you’re hard at work,” said a voice; I didn’t have to hear another word to know who it was. It was the main man, the leader of the whole scam. “You may have skimmed over the part on the confidentiality form but colleague to colleague dating is against our company policy,” I pulled away,

“We’re just friends,” Matt said. As I looked up at the giant of a man, I could feel my heart rate pick up. The man standing before me had an off-white face, so pale it looked as if he’d never seen sunlight. I couldn’t see what colour irises he had; his black pupils were so dilated it was as if he were on drugs. His lips twitched occasionally but I wasn’t sure he was aware of the fact and his nose was slightly crooked. His thick eyebrows were strung down in disapproval and his face, so terrifying I wanted to latch myself back onto Matt. Right from the moment I lay eyes on him, I knew he’d bring nightmares to my sweet dreams.

“Well let’s keep it that way, Ice Boy.” Matt narrowed his eyes. I thought we were trying to keep our identity undercover and I didn’t know what Matt was going to say,

“Ice Boy?” he spat and began to laugh, I couldn’t manage a laugh but a thin smile crept out from my lips, “I should really be his stunt double, about three people have mistaken me for him in the last month!” he stopped laughing and stood up straight. “You know, if I were Ice Boy I could like, thrust out my hand and freeze you,” he said. The man – I still didn’t know his name - glared at Matt.

“And you know the police are after you Rosie,” said the man to me. I had been content watching Matt speak for himself, so when he directed a question at me I froze.

“Police?” I squeaked, “Why?”

“I haven’t seen an official photo, but if that is Ice Boy then you’re the girl who can make fire,” he said,

“I am not Ice Boy,” Matt said in a voice hard to describe, it was so powerful and compelling for a moment I too was convinced. The man nodded,

“I’m sorry for the confusion,” he said a little perplexed as if he’d just been hypnotised, “My name is Cole,” he smiled, Matt subtly took a step towards me. “Cole Black, although most of my workers call me, Mr Black,”

“It was nice to meet you Mr Black,” Matt said nicely, “I hope we meet again, and if I ever meet Ice Boy, then I’ll send him your way,” with that Matt turned and took hold of my T-shirt pulling me away with him. Back in Mr Ziller’s office I collapsed on the sofa, Matt stood there and leaned against the desk for support.

“That, that was close,” Matt sighed and took a seat next to me. He put his arm around me and I snuggled into his shoulder, “And before that, we’ve got to be careful Rosie, the old staff obviously don’t take too well to the new staff. You’re like a piece of fresh meat for the taking, don’t let anyone put their hands on you.” he pressed his lips against my head. I shivered involuntarily as I imagined what would have happened if Matt hadn’t showed up,

“How do you do that thing? With your voice…” I asked, Matt looked into my eyes,

“What thing?”

“When you make it sound different, you did it with Mr Black and the other man. They both listened to you, that’s a gift Matt, being able to make people listen,”

“I’d be an awesome slave master,” Matt joked,

“But seriously, how do you do it?” I asked, hoping to learn the tricks of the trade,

“I don’t know, it comes from my heart, not from my mind,” he said plainly. I looked back into his eyes and our eye contact made my heart rate pick up – in a good way – the way he looked at me, I was beginning to think he felt the same way as I did. I stole a quick kiss on the cheek before getting up and walking to the computer,

“Better get back to work,” I said glancing at Matt who was frozen in shock.

The End

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