"What should I do?" I asked Rosie.

"I don't know...I personally don't think it is a good idea to sign that contract...even if it does give you benefits in pay and housing." 

I sighed...those benefits could really help me out, I could even transfer most of those benefits to Rosie and her family. Free oxygen for me, Rosie, and her immediate family could really improve our was great insurance in case we failed. On the other hand, it meant that I had to be apart from Rosie for most of the day, if not for several days at a time. As I refocused on the present I realized Rosie was watching me waiting for my decision. I looked into her beautiful, big, brown eyes...there was no way I would willingly separate myself from her. Besides, God will take care of us, there is no need for backup plans. 

"I'm not signing the contract either," I stated as I brought my hand up to stroke her cheek and eventually end up cupping the back of her neck. I pulled her into a quick hug, "I'm not going to run away and leave you." 

When we pulled apart, I opened the door and we entered the office together. "I'm not signing the contract," I informed Ziller. 

Ziller sighed, "I thought as much...very well, you two will be my secretaries and general helpers; I've been needing new ones for a long while now." He pointed to a desk with three monitors on it, "That is your work station; now you can start by typing out that pile of forms over there." 

Rosie and I nodded and immediately sat down and got to work typing away. It was three hours of relentless typing later when the lunch bell rang and we were sent to the cafeteria for a short lunch break. I wasn't even sure what the food was made out of this was some sort of strange orange-ish brown goo which even I didn't eat all of. After lunch we walked back to the office and got back to work. We had been working for about fifteen minutes when Ziller sent both of us to separate offices to get, you guessed it, more papers to type out. 

I was on my way back when I ran into a bunch of other employees. "Hey! You're the new one aren't you? Where's your girlfriend?" They sneered. "Is the poor boy all alone? Did his girlfriend leave him?" They teased. One of them walked up to me and was about to hit me when I turned on him and just stared dangerously at him...he immediately lowered his fist and walked away ashamedly. I smiled I hadn't even had to say anything. Then I frowned...if this was happening to me then what would be happening to Rosie? I broke into a run down the hall toward the office Rosie had gone to. I saw Rosie before she saw me, she was walking down the hall...nothing bad had happened and I let a long breath out and turned around to walk back to Ziller's office. 

"Hey there girlie, you're pretty enough, how abouts you and me go and have a little fun?" 

I immediately snapped around as I saw a guy approach Rosie. She ignored him and kept on moving, at a slightly faster pace. "Aw, now come on, it'll only take a little bit, whats the matter? Never had this kinda fun before?" the guy said as he continued to chase her. Then he caught up to her and put his hand on her shoulder, "What's the hurry? We're gunna have some fun!" He said as he reached for her collar. 

I immediately began to step forward, but Rosie tore herself away and sped up her pace quite a bit to get away from the guy. I stepped back, better to let her take care of this if she could. The man grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him with a wicked grin. 

Again I stepped forward as Rosie battered uselessly at him. "Let me go! Let me go you idiot!" She shouted at him. 

Keeping my anger in check...just barely...I tapped the guy on the shoulder. He spun around angrily to face me and I watched as his expression changed to one of horror as he realized who I was. his head came up to about my mouth, so I was looking down at him. "Don't you have somewhere to be?" I growled at him.

"Well, as a matter of, yes, yes I do...I was just leaving actually," the guy blurt out as he backed off quickly, then turned and took off down the hallway. 

I shook my head, "Bullies, they're all the same..." I trailed off as I noticed the tears forming in Rosie's eyes. I didn't blame her, if I had been through a scare like that, I would probably be in worse condition. I held out my arms, unsure if she wanted to be in that position again quite yet, but I offered it anyways hoping that my hug would be more like protection instead of assault...Rosie buried herself in my embrace and I brought my arms around her to rub her back. "I'm so sorry Rosie, I should have stepped in earlier...if I had known..." I trailed off and just hugged her happy she was still here. 

The End

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