Rosie - Choices

I never thought that my being allergic to cats would cause such a near death experience; I smiled about it as we went into our room. Matt left me to dress and a few moments later he returned.

“Matt, I don’t want to sign that confidential agreement. I don’t want a death certificate,”

“It’s not a death certificate Rosie, it’s to prove loyalty,”

“I know, but how can we help the rest of the world if we’re going to be killed as soon as they find out?” I retorted, Matt slid into the bed opposite and we faced each other across the room talking.

“You have a point.” Matt said and then rolled onto his back to think. “Perhaps if we can get jobs in the science area, we can stop them burning away the atmosphere?”

“We have two weeks; we can’t get into high enough positions in that time.”

“Ziller could help,” Matt offered rolling back to look at me,

“What’s in it for him?” I asked,

“Oh I dunno… freedom for the rest of the human race? The ability to go outside? Truth over a future of darkness?” Matt suggested sarcastically,

“I don’t know if he’ll think the same way. This death threat is pretty big, people will do anything to stay alive,” I opted,

“We’ll convince him otherwise,” Matt said. It made me smile thinking about how he used the word ‘we’ll’ not ‘I’ll’.

“So if our powers are meant to help, what are we gonna use them for?” I asked,

“My, you’re full of hard questions today,” Matt said rolling back to look at the ceiling. “I don’t know, God will guide us.” Matt added. “For now, let’s sleep.”


That morning Matt woke me up at seven. I rolled out my bed and into breakfast. It was a strange affair, Matt and I seemed to be the only people talking, everyone else was pretty much silent apart from the odd ‘good morning’. We didn’t discuss anything important, but small talk was enough to have all the workers listening in. After that we went into Ziller’s office,

“Good morning, I trust you slept well,” he smiled, Matt nodded in return, “Good. Now let’s see what vacancies we have,” Ziller rustled through some papers.

“What position are you?” I asked Ziller, he looked up and smiled,

“I am the manager of departments,” he said proudly,

“What does that job entitle? What are the departments?” I asked,

“The science labs, the press officials, the oxygen selling team, and the managers,” Ziller said, “there are a few others, but they’re less important,”

“And do we all have to sign this agreement?”

“I’m afraid so,”

“Don’t you know what it means?” Matt asked, “We get killed if we let it slip,”

“Matt my boy, who are you going to tell? You have no family from my recollection and your girlfriend is standing right next to you, absorbing it all in as you do,” Ziller said. I laughed quietly,

“But perhaps his girlfriend doesn’t want to sign the documents, is there a job for her then?” I asked,

“You won’t sign the papers?” Ziller asked removing his glasses and cleaning them,

“No. Never.” I replied finitely,

“Very well, you’ll have to work for me, but be warned you’re not supposed to know about any of this,” Ziller pointed around him, “And you Matt, will you sign the paper?”

“Give me a second to decide,” Matt said.

“Just to let you know, we don’t usually give people a choice,”

“No kidding,” I said sarcastically. Matt took my hand and pulled me out the office,

“What should I do?” he asked.

The End

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