“Arlene, could you fetch me the stapler from the cupboard?” the man's voice came from the other side of the cabinet. I froze in dread, my mind froze for an instant. I rubbed my cheek against Rosie's head before kissing her forehead as I clutched her to me. As the steps came closer my legs tensed up, ready to spring at the lady and hold off the others until we could both make a run for it. The cupboard opened and a woman, Arlene, reached in for a stapler. Were we really shadowed enough that she couldn't see us? I readied myself to jump out and bowl the woman over. 

“Oh I’ve found it Arlene." The cupboard doors closed, bringing blessed, concealing darkness once again. I drew in a shaky breath and brought my hands up to Rosie's cheeks to reassure myself that I wasn't somehow dead and that I had imagined the door closing again. When I heard everyone leave I let out a huge sigh of relief. I kissed Rosie with the sheer joy I felt at our deliverance, and thankfulness we were both still alive. I opened the cupboard door and we both got out.

“God must have made us invisible,” I said in awe. 

“Or Arlene’s blind,” Rosie said as she fingered the braille on a workbook that had been left behind. 

I laughed as I put my hand on top of hers, “You’re clever Rosie.” I smiled at her then turned away to go to pay Ziller a visit...he had told me nothing of these risks! Maybe he didn't know...I had to tell him.

“You promised you weren’t going to run away,” Rosie complained as she ran to keep up with me. I really needed to learn to slow my pace...

"Rosie," I said suddenly, looking in to her eyes and trying to convey how serious I was, "I promise I won't run away." I held out my hand to her and she took it. "Let's get back to Ziller."

As we walked back to Ziller's office I put my arm around Rosie's waist and pulled her close...that incident in the cupboard had been to close, I really didn't want to lose her. We arrived in Ziller's office in that fashion and when Ziller looked up he raised his eyebrows. "Finished with the tour already?" He asked. 

"They've got assassins ready for anyone who tries to uncover their secret." I came right out and said.

Ziller's mouth dropped open, "Are you sure? How do you know?" 

"We were in the conference room when the leaders of the company decided to have in impromptu meeting...we hid in the cupboard." 

Ziller nodded and looked thoughtful for a moment before a pounding on the door broke the silence. Ziller jumped up, "They're early!" He looked around desperately then pointed under his desk, "Quick! get under there! NOW!" he commanded urgently as he went to answer his door. I groaned mentally...I didn't need to do this again! 

But I went under the desk and pulled Rosie close to me yet again. I relished the feeling of her chest rising and falling regularly against mine. Of her body pressing up against mine, so solid, yet...breakable. I hugged her close as the door was opened and the man from the conference room stormed in.

"I've heard some disturbing rumors about you." he said. 

"What would those rumors be?" Ziller asked smoothly.

"Rumors that you don't believe in our cause...that you don't want us to know most would call that traitorous. Do you know what we do to traitors?"

"No sir, but I can assure you that I am not among their number sir," 

"We get rid of them Ziller, it would really be a shame to have to get rid of please don't give me a reason..." At that moment Rosie sneezed, it was quiet and muffled b my chest, but it was enough to cause the man to pause. "...What was that? Is there someone else in here that I don't know about Ziller?" 

I squeezed Rosie tightly as the man walked closer to the desk. As he bent to look under the desk the man sneezed. I screwed my eyes up tightly as I waited for the man to see us. He sneezed again, then again. Suddenly he straightened up, "Ziller do you have a cat in here?" The man demanded. 

Ziller sighed, "Yes sir...I'm sorry, it won't happen again."

"It had better get rid of it, I'll see you in my office later today." 

I gave Rosie one last squeeze as the door closed...twice in one day, I don't know how many more times I can take this...When we crawled out from under the desk I saw Ziller seemed as relieved as us. "Alright you two...go get a good night's sleep; you'll start work tomorrow...try to learn as much as you can for you know when." 

Rosie and I nodded as we left and just before I closed the door I saw Ziller lift a beautiful calico kitten from a desk drawer and stroke its head gently. I smiled as we walked to our room together. "You know Rosie...I wouldn't mind if we were never in that kind of situation ever again..." I said with a grin and kissed her forehead. 


The End

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