Rosie - Close

I reckoned if Matt took part in a sprinting race in the Olympics, he’d only come a couple of seconds behind the pros. We dodged around a few more press rooms and Matt pulled me into one and closed the door,

“Stay here until they all leave,” Matt whispered, we could hear footsteps passing the door,

“Staff meeting in Press Room Two!” called a voice. Matt looked down at me as I looked up at him,

“Just our luck,” he said before towing me towards the door,

“Stop,” I squeak, “Hide in the cupboard!” I suggested, “If they see us coming out, they’ll suspect that we’ve been up to something, and then we can hear what they have to say!”

“Good plan!” Matt enthused before rushing past me and into the large cupboard. He left the door open for me, “quick!” he hissed. I jumped in next to him and sealed the door shut. I could feel Matt’s breath tickling my hair. I could hear the people wandering into the room. I could smell Matt’s naturally aroma, it reminded me of freshly mown grass and strawberries. I could see absolutely nothing. I was pressing dangerously against the door, Matt’s arms wound around my waist and he pulled me closer. I breathed a thank you and rested my head on his chest. With the other ear I could hear pretty much everything. A loud noise broke out as someone entered the room,

“If we get found, we’re busted,” Matt warned quietly.

“Okay, we’ve got Ethan, Natalie and Jake who are going to release the press statement of when the supposed meteor comes into the atmosphere. Give that out at 3 O’clock on Sunday, in two weeks.” Said the voice. “We’ve got to pass a new payment to NASA, to keep them quiet,” he added. “Then on Sunday, as everyone is inside, we’ll burn the remaining natural resources we have in the atmosphere, burning it all up, and creating all the electricity for our use. And to sell on. All clear? Any questions?”

“I have a question,” said a new voice, “Suppose a small company, who we haven’t paid off, are looking out for it and can prove a meteor didn’t enter the atmosphere?”

“My dear Arlene,” said the man’s voice, “Why do you think we’ve paid off a load of news crews too? And we’ve got our men,”

“Men?” she asked,

“Killers Arlene, K-I-L-L-E-R-S, bounty hunters, all sorts. They’ll dispose of any persistent scientists,” we could hear a faint gasp amongst the people. “And any members of staff who happen to let this slip,” he said. Matt’s hold tightened and he rested his head on mine. “Now we’ve all signed up to the code of confidentiality and so your lips are automatically sealed, plus what good does it do letting the truth slip? You get free oxygen for you and your family, so if I were you I’d keep quiet. If you care for your life,” there was an all round silence – a silence of fear. “Any more questions?”

“I do,” said another voice. “What are we going to do with all the electricity?”

“Carl, we’ve spoken about this. It’s even more confidential than the meteor hoax, come and see me in my office if you are unsure. The fewer people know, the better. You are dismissed.” Said the man and we could hear a scraping of chairs and a hurry of footsteps.

“Arlene, could you fetch me the stapler from the cupboard?” said the man. Matt’s heartbeat actually stopped for a moment – I could hear, my ear was pressed against his chest – he furrowed his head into my hair and kissed my forehead. A kiss farewell.

The door opened and Arleen stood in the gap, she peered in at us and began to reach forward,

“Oh I’ve found it Arlene,” she closed the door and Matt’s hands came up to my face, he held it until we heard the door close. He kissed both cheeks and then opened the cupboard door,

“God must have made us invisible,” Matt said stretching in the open space. I closed the cupboard door and looked at the desk, Arlene’s work book sat on the table.

“Or Arlene’s blind,” I said fingering the brail, Matt laughed quietly and placed his hand on top of mine.

“You’re clever Rosie.” Matt smiled and walked off. I ran after him,

“You promised you weren’t going to run away,” I said a little miffed.

“Rosie.” Matt said suddenly. I raised my eyebrows, “I promise I won’t run away,” he held out his hand and I took it. “Let’s get back to Ziller.”

The End

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