Matt-Press Conference


As we entered the press room I slipped my arm around Rosie and pulled her closer; we had only known each other for a few days, but I had already fallen for her...she had accepted me even after she knew what I had done! There was a press conference in progress when we got in and sat down so we sat and listened as the interviewers asked questions. 

"Will all of your oxygen plants survive the meteor strike?" asked on reporter. 

"We believe that they will...our scientists say that the meteor will not even actually hit the earth...just pass through the atmosphere and burn most, if not all, of it away. Therefore most of the world, so long as they stay indoors, should be perfectly safe." 

"What about the forests and animals and other plant-life?" another reporter asked.

"Most will die, however measures have been taken to make sure that all known species of plant and animal will survive. "

"When will the meteor enter the earth's atmosphere?" the first reporter asked.

"Our scientists believe that it will enter the atmosphere in roughly two weeks from now." 

"Are there any measures set up in case one of the oxygen production plants breaks down?" a third reporter asked.

"We have at least three different emergency measures set up in every plant." 

The reporters went on with a couple more questions before the interview ended and we all filed out. One reporter saw Rosie and me and started to head toward us, I quickly pulled Rosie out of the room as the reporter chased us down the hall. I moved around the building but he wouldn't let off us. Eventually we turned a blind corned and I pulled Rosie into a doorway. She looked at me indignantly and I realized what this must feel like to her. She probably didn't even realize that the reporter was chasing us, so she didn't know why I was dragging her along as I walked at a very fast pace...even for me; and then I just pull her into a doorway and motion for silence. I would have explained, but the reporter came round the corner and I pressed myself against the door. It was very well shadowed and the reporter passed us by and turned another corner. 

I sighed heavily. "Really sorry about that Rosie...but if that reporter caught us the police would swarm the place, resisting arrest is considered a crime you know; and it makes you look more guilty than you already do. Will you forgive me?" 

Rosie sighed and nodded, "I guess...just tell me next time!" 

"Thanks Rosie, you're the best!" I smiled as Rosie blushed then turned to leave before the reporter doubled back. "Come on...I won't go as fast this time."


The End

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