Rosie - Tour

I had been trying to suppress the feeling, but as soon as Matt went and I was alone the emotion rose and I couldn’t contain it any longer. As I leaned against Matt the hole inside was filled and I was able to throw back some of the food, it was kinda gross but I was hungry enough to eat it.

“What’s happening?” I asked, Matt swallowed his mouthful and set his tray down,

“We’re both taking up jobs here.” He looked around the room and lowered his voice, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” He winked at me. I smiled at took a swig of my drink,

“When do we start?”

“Tomorrow I guess, today we’re just looking around,” he said, “We’re meeting Ziller in ten minutes,” Matt said looking at his watch.

“I’m done,” I said putting down the tray, Matt looked up from his plate and his eyes set onto my tray,

“You mind?” he asked, I shook my head as he reached and began to finish my food too. “The problem with being tall,” he said in-between mouthfuls, “you’re always hungry,” he said.

“I was going to comment on you being a pig, but your table manners are somewhat better,” I said.

Ten minutes later we were standing alone in Ziller’s office. Matt looked a little suspicious as he glanced around the desk,

“He’s coming,” I hissed between unmoving lips, Matt came towards me and put his arm around my should.

“Hey Jacob!” Matt called, Mr Ziller looked up and nodded towards us,

“Hello you two, right on time, I like you already,” he grinned and went to sit as his desk. “I’m going to be honest with you two, I don’t have time to show you round,” he began to flick through papers, “You’re going to have to show yourselves round. Any questions ask a member of staff,” he grinned. “Oh and after you’ve looked around, come back to here, I have a few forms of confidentiality you must sign.” Matt nodded,

“We’ll come back as soon as we’re done,” he said grinning. I wasn’t sure why he was so happy, we weren’t getting the inside knowledge we would do if we were on a tour with the main man. Just outside and out of view of the office Matt offered me a high-five,

“What are you so happy for?” I asked, Matt smirked,

“Free roam of the building,” Matt said strolling off, “No out of bounds, nothing to stop us snooping…”

I followed him down a corridor and into the main industrial part, huge cylinders of what I presumed was oxygen were the main décor in the room. Matt strolled around as if he owned the place, I followed like a loyal servant.

“So what’s happening here?” he asked a worker,

“We’re creating oxygen,” he said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Matt laughed – he was certainly in high spirits – and patted him on the back,

“Good job,” he said. The man raised an eyebrow and got back to work.

“Where now?” I asked,

“Let’s head out to the press room,”

“What’s that?”

“Where they release statements to the press, let’s try and understand the full story.”

The End

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