“Your face!” I exclaimed mirthfully. Rosie swatted my arm in a half-playful, half-annoyed gesture. “Okay, it’s a long story. I don’t know where to start…”

"How about when you first figured out about what is happening?" Rosie suggested.

I thought about that for a bit as I led Rosie farther into downtown Sacramento. "Well, it happened just a short while after the accident where I first discovered my powers. This guy came up to me, he was and is a worker at a company called Anavex, and he told me about a their plan. Apparently Anavex plans on burning away the atmosphere in order to sell oxygen as a utility. Also, they will have a monopoly on it, so if you want to live, you have to buy it from them at their price."

"How do you know the guy wasn't lying?" Rosie asked.

"I did my research," I promised. 

As I said that a Baskin Robinns came into view and I pulled Rosie toward it. Rosie stopped in the doorway and her mouth fell into a round "o" of awe. "Wow...!" Thirty-one flavors of ice cream in a vast array o

I grinned, I had been hoping for a reaction like that. "Whi...which do I pick?" Rosie asked when she finally recovered enough to be able to say anything. 

I laughed and pointed out my favorite flavor. "Try that one! It's called chocolate-chip cookie's sooo goood!" 

Rosie nodded and we both got a cone of ice-cream with money that I had landed on when Rosie had pounced on me from the tram. As we started off on our way again Rosie squeaked in happiness. 

"What?" I asked. 

"It has real cookie dough in the middle!" she exclaimed excitedly. I grinned was so nice to be able to make Rosie happy. To watch her as she did something she enjoyed. 

It wasn't much later when we arrived at our destination. A huge sign emblazoned ANAVEX across the sky. I went up to the guard at the gate, "Hello, we're here for a job interview with Jacob Ziller."

"Do you have an appointment?" the guard asked.

I shook my head, "No, but knows me." 

The guard nodded and escorted us to Jacob Ziller's office. "Ah, Matt! Who is the young lady?" Ziller greeted us once the guard had left. 

"That's Rosie, and we're here to join up," I replied.

"Alright, I'll show you to your new home then! We have quarters right here under the building! Dinner is served from six to nine and breakfast is served from seven to ten, we'll talk about what we're doing after breakfast...give you guys time to settle in." Ziller explained as he led us to an elevator and down to a small room. He handed me the keys then left us to our own machinations.

The room was roughly six feet by eight feet, with two beds and a nightstand stuffed into it. I put Rosie's backpack of stuff onto her bed then sat down and looked at my watch. 6:30. "I'll go get us some food alright?" I half-asked half-stated to Rosie. She nodded and I went up to the cafeteria; the food wasn't all that great, but it was free...what could you expect? I brought two trays down to our room and when I entered I found Rosie sitting on the edge of her bed. Her eyes were red-rimmed and she was obviously feeling blue. I put the trays down and went over to sit next to her. When she barely acknowledged me I put my arms around her and pulled her gently against my chest. She sniffed loudly and put lay her head against me "Matt?" she asked in a quavery voice.


"Do you think my parents are ok?" 

I nodded. "Yes, I'm sure they're fine," I assured her as I kissed her hair and began to rub her back. "Everything is going to work out, I promise." 

The End

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