I led Rosie to a very secluded part of the beach. It was surrounded on three sides by natural rock walls and the third side was of course nothing but ocean. I took off my shoes and socks and left them in a place where they wouldn't be burned, then I led Rosie of to the middle of the beach. "Alright Rosie, what you need to do first is learn to control exactly how much fire you want at a time. So first try and make a little flame in your palm." 

Rosie held her hand away from herself and tried. A huge spurt of flame burst out just above her palm and immediately vanished. Rosie winced and looked at me ashamedly. "Sorry," she apologized. 

I smiled, "It's fine! I didn't expect you to get it right the first time! I certainly didn't..." 

Rosie tried took her several tries but she eventually got a small flame. "Great!" I congratulated her. "Now try and hit that rock with a thin stream of fire!" I told her as I pointed to a rock that was a couple yards away. Rosie pointed at it and let out a jet of flame. I gave her targets that got farther and farther away, she found it took more concentration the farther away the object was. It took about half an hour before she could finally shoot the fire all the way across the beach accurately and without it dissipating. But by the end of that I was very impressed with had taken me quite a bit longer to learn to do it that far. 

"Alright, one last thing Rosie...try and make shapes with your fire, like a square," I said as I formed a square sheet of ice between my hands. Rosie tried to copy me but the fire wouldn't stay in one place, it was too evanescent. I encouraged her to try some more and she did. By the time she had finally made a square of fire stay in one place she was starting to look a little tired out. But I beamed at her and made a rose of ice for her, "Great job!" I exclaimed, enveloping her in a bear hug. Rosie sighed and leaned into my chest. "I think it's lunch time," I commented merrily. 

Rosie smiled and I led her away from the beach, when heard a cracking beneath my feet I looked down and found that Rosie's fire had melted the sand in some places, creating glass. I grinned and pointed this out to Rosie who also smiled as we walked away. 

"Have you ever been to Arby's?" I asked. Rosie shook her head and looked at me with questioning eyes. 

I smiled. "It's the restaurant with the best curly fries in the world!" I answered her unasked question. Then I pointed to an Arby's that was just a little down the road. "That's our destination." 

I ordered two of the less expensive burger meals with curly fries for us and then we sat down to wait. When the food came, I brought the two trays to our table. "Try the fries!" I urged Rosie. 

She looked at them weirdly. "They', dark brown...aren't fries supposed to be yellow?"

I smiled, "Not curly fries, now try one!" 

Rosie looked at them suspiciously once more before popping one into her mouth. Her eyes lit up and she grabbed a couple more and stuffed them into her mouth. I laughed and remembered the first time I had had curly re-action had been similar. We ended up getting another box of curly fries and would have gotten yet another if Rosie had been able to fit anything else into her stomach. Once we had gotten out of the restaurant we headed back to find a place to stay. I decided that the abandoned hotel would be the best place to stay because by some miracle it still had beds. 

We were almost there when we passed a group of teens sitting around blaring music and smoking. I put myself between them and Rosie and hoped they would ignore us. They didn't. "Hey, why don't you come share your girl man!" one called out. 

"Yeah man! You can have her back afterwards!" another promised when we ignored the first one. 

"If they come at us don't use you abilities," I warned, "that'll bring in the police as well as probably kill them."

Rosie nodded just as one of the teens got up to follow us. When the teen continued to follow us through some twisting alleys I squeezed Rosie's hand then turned around to face the teen. "Look, just leave us alone, I don't want any troub..." I was cut off as a fist hit me in the face. Pain shot around my eye as my head flew back with the force of the punch. He had hit me in the head...obviously he didn't know much about fighting. I brought my knee into his gut, then, as he keeled over, I brought my fist down on his temple, knocking him out. I turned around and went back to Rosie. "Sorry about that," I apologized with a grimace. 

"Are you ok?" Rosie asked worriedly. 

"I'll be fine," I replied briskly as I gingerly touched my quickly forming black eye. 

The End

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