Rosie - San Francisco

No matter how much the cuts on my hands and knees hurt, being hugged by Matt made all the pain go away. I smiled into his chest,

“I never want to leave you,” I whispered. Matt was the kind of person who after getting to know, you just wanted to spend more time with. He was interesting, kind, caring and he made me feel safe.

“Well you’re not going anyway yet,” Matt said taking a look at my hands, “they should clear up nicely, does it hurt?” he asked holding out my hand,

“Not really,” I lied, he pressed my hand against his chest and smiled,

“Just wipe the dirt away,” he said,

“I can feel your heart,” I smiled,

“Does it sound healthy to you?” he checked,

“Well it’s beating, that’s always a good sign,” I replied, Matt grinned,

“Phew, I’m not dead,” he laughed, I leaned back against the bench and Matt threw his arm around it casually, I leant into his side. Whenever I came into contact with Matt I felt safe, “What do you want to do today?” he asked,

“Hmmm, teach me how to use my power as well as you do,”

“I don’t know, fire is more dangerous…” Matt explained,

“Never mind,” I sighed,

“But we’ll go to the beach, sand can’t catch fire!”

“But we’re hours away from the beach,” I replied, Matt grinned,

“Ever been to San Francisco?” I shook my head, “Today’s your lucky day, and we’ll get away from all the police swarming the area,” he smiled and stood up, “Come on, we don’t have all day,” I grinned and stood up. We made our way to the train station, “here, wear this,” Matt passed me a scarf which he had magically appeared.

“What?” I asked, Matt rolled his eyes and fastened it around my head, “tada!” he grinned, “disguise,” he informed my confused face.

“What’s your disguise?” I asked, Matt pulled a pair of sunglasses and a hat out his pocket, he placed them on and smiled at me,

“I’m a different man,” he grinned.

“Wouldn’t recognise you if you bit me on the toe,” I smiled, Matt gave me a weird look then picked up pace. I paid for tickets as he waited away from me, he said if we were seen together we’d be more likely to be recognised. I walked onto the platform and met up with him,

“It’s a find old day for tea and scones!” Matt burst out loudly, I looked at him strangely, “Perhaps we’ll even find a spot to play some croquet!” he said to me in an overly British accent, “My, the weather here is nothing like England!” I smirked,

“Why kind Sir, I am awaiting my carriage, would you adjoin me?” Matt raised an eyebrow,

“Adjoin?” he whispered,

“Come with me,” I replied under my breath,

“Very well,” he said raising his voice again, “let us depart.” We walked into the nearest carriage and took our seat; it was only an hour train journey as opposed to an hour and forty five by car. An hour later we arrived, Matt removed his disguise as soon as we were on the platform,

“Keep the scarf on, you’re more famous than me right now and hey, it looks kinda good on you,” Matt said, I smiled in return, I hadn’t had a chance to look in the mirror. We walked side by side out the station,

“Welcome to San Francisco,” Matt said extending an arm; I looked out at the big city. “Now let's find somewhere where nobody will find us,” Matt said, “we’re only a few minutes walk from the beach,”

“Surely the beach is a public place?” I asked,

“I know a secluded beach,” Matt said raising an eyebrow, “where no one will see you shooting fire out your hands,” I smiled.

“Well let’s hit the road,” I said gesturing for Matt to lead the way.

The End

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