I woke up bright and early the next morning only to find my foot had fallen asleep. I looked down and saw Rosie curled up at the end of the bed. That made me feel really bad about was her bed and her house...and I was the guy...weren't we supposed to be the chivalrous ones? I sighed and carefully moved my foot so as not to wake her up, then arranged her on the bed so that she was straight and her head was on the pillow, hopefully that would get rid of any cramps before she woke up...

I looked outside and found the parking lot swarming with police and reporters...I really felt sorry for Rosie's parents; they were probably going through a lot of hassle, and their daughter was missing. I took a pen and paper from Rosie's desk and wrote a short note of assurance to Rosie's parents...hope that it doesn't just worry them more...

After writing the note I went to a corner of the room and sat down to do what I always did while I was waiting or wanting to just get away from people. I mentally added the next chapter to a story I had been writing to for a while before the accident. Just as I had seated myself though, Rosie started tossing and turning. She groaned and then whimpered...nightmare. I quickly got up and sat next to her. "It's ok Rosie, it's only a nightmare," I cooed as I stroked her cheek. She quieted down, but I continued to stroke her cheek and hair. Human contact was not something I got to experience very often...all my friends in Albania (the place my parents worked before they had died) were not at all the touchable type. So the experience was new and wonderful. 

Eventually I stopped and went back to my corner to compose a particularly romantic chapter. It was about twenty minutes later when I heard another groan from Rosie. This time when I looked up I saw it was because she had woken up and was stretching. I smiled and stood up. "Morning sleepy-head!" I greeted her. 

"G'morning," Rosie slurred back as she blinked sleepily at me. 

"It's time for us to leave..." I told her, she nodded and picked up a back-pack she had packed last night. We went out through her bedroom window to avoid the police then started off toward...somewhere...

"Hey! You two! Stop!" I heard a policeman call behind us. 

Darnit! We had been found! I caused ice to slick the roads behind us then pulled Rosie into a run. As I let go of her hand to allow both of us better balance and greater speed I heard her fall. I skidded to a stop turned around, picked her up and continued to run, faster now because I could utilize the full length of my legs without fear of leaving Rosie behind. When we had finally lost police pursuit I set Rosie down. "Are you alright?" I asked concernedly after I had caught my breath. Carrying even someone as light as Rosie was hard after a certain distance. 

Rosie nodded, "Yeah, I think so." 

I gave her a quick glance up and down she just had some scraped knees and palms...other than that she seemed fine. I took Rosie to the mall on Sunrise Blv. and we got some Cinnabuns for breakfast, then we went for a walk around a small part of the city. We talked about all kinds of things, I learned things like her favorite color was blue. Her favorite food was a roast dinner. She was 16, just like me! Her Birthday was December 12, making her a few months older than me. We ended up sitting on a bench in some park somewhere, still talking away. 

During a lull in the conversation I just couldn't help myself any longer, I picked Rosie up and hugged her again. She was surprised, but hugged me back. "Thank you for not leaving when you learned...what I did..." I whispered.

The End

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