“They’re dead Rosie. My parents are dead. My family is dead. And I killed them.” I managed to say around a lump in my throat. If anyone else had claimed that I would have protested vehemently that it hadn't been my fault. But it had been me that said that, and I couldn't get any more around the still-growing knot in my throat. 

"Oh," Rosie said. Unable to find anything else to say, I didn't blame her. 

"If you want to go back home, or even anywhere else away from me...I could understand...why trust me right? I killed my parents...and not just my parents, my brother and sisters too!" I blurt out, feeling tears starting to well up in my eyes again. I turned my head away and took a deep, calming breath. 


Confusion raced through my mind, no? She didn't want to leave? She still trusted me? Even after she knew I had killed my parents? "Y-you don't want to leave?" 

"You just saved me didn't you? If you wanted to kill me you could have done that when I was in the pool. Besides, if my family had been near me when...when I discovered my powers..." she trailed off, no doubt imagining the situation she had just described. How did she know? I had never told her that! This girl sure knew how to put the pieces together. 

I felt tears forcing their way back up yet again, I needed to be alone. I forced the tears back down again...they would resurface soon and I couldn't hold them back forever. "Come on," I commanded as I moved into the building. I brought her to a bedroom, the mattress, amazingly was neither stolen, nor rotten. "Your room." I said then left her there as I moved off at a fast pace toward another room. The building had once been a hotel, so it had many, many rooms. I chose one at random, opened the door and walked in. After closing the door and locking it behind me I pulled out my ipod and turned Skillet on at the highest volume level. 

I curled up on the dusty bed and finally let the tears have their way. I cried silently for a very long time, I was almost done when "Alien Youth" played...that reminded me of what I had once was a song about me after all! Or what I had been before the accident...I shivered as I remembered their bodies lying in various positions, skewered by razor-sharp shards of ice. I drew in a deep, shaky breath and then turned off the music. My ears were still ringing as I opened the door and found Rosie sitting there, patiently waiting for me. 

"Sorry about...this..." I told her when she noticed I had finally come out. 

She looked at me and her mouth dropped open slightly and she quickly closed it again. I must have been quite a sight, with how long I had been crying. Rosie shivered and I realized that I must have lowered the temperature of the room by accident. I stepped out and closed the door behind me and gave her a weak smile.

"I wanted to say that I'm really sorry about what happened; and well...I also want to say that...I wanted to say..." she stopped trying to get it out and just hugged me.

I was very much taken aback, of all the things she might have done, apart from breaking out into song, that was among the least expected. She was about to pull back embarrassedly when I put my arms around her too. I barely even knew her, but I really needed someone who I could care about again. Rosie seemed to fit the part perfectly. "Thanks," I told her as we separated again, "I needed that."

Rosie smiled at me, "Your welcome." 

"Let's go get dinner!" I said as my stomach rumbled hungrily. 

Rosie smiled yet again and motioned for me to lead on. I took her first to an old post office and checked my mailbox. As usual, there was an envelope addressed to me with no return address on it. I opened it up and found just enough money for us to have dinner inside. I smiled and showed Rosie, "This is God providing for us...whenever I can't find an odd job to pay for my meal I always find just enough money to get one more meal at the post office." 

Rosie beamed, "Wow! God is amazing isn't He!" 

Rosie's brightness and God's provision really brightened my mood and by the time we got to a Burger King (I refused to go to McDonald's because their food is much lesser quality). After dinner I took Rosie out for a walk in Old Sacramento, she had never been there before so I gave her a tour. We stopped at the old candy store and Rosie was absolutely amazed at the contents. Barrels upon barrels were filled to the brim huge amounts and a vast array of different candies and chocolates. I checked the envelope and discovered that there was even enough money to get a bag-full of candy! 

Rosie moved from barrel to barrel wanting some of everything. I smiled, she was acting just like I had the first time my grandma had taken me here. This store was definitely the origin of the phrase "Like a kid in a candy store." 

The End

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