“We need you to come with us Rosie Sanders,” said the officer, I narrowed my eyes,

“No,” I replied bluntly,

“If you don’t come we shall have to arrest you,”

“What’s the difference? You’ll arrest me when I get to the police station,” I pointed out,

“Rosie Sanders, I’m arresting you on suspicion of arson and destruction of private property,” he repeated. He took my arms and handcuffed my hands behind my back; he pushed me out the house and passed all the flashing paparazzi. I shied away from the cameras and microphones, out the corner of my eye I saw Matt ducking behind a fence; I could only hope he cared about me enough to save me.


Sitting in the back of a police car was humiliating, I ducked under the window when we past people, in case I knew them. Suddenly a huge wall of bluish ice appeared in front of the car, the policeman swerved away from it, another wall of ice grew up from the road ahead. The policeman swore as the car collided with the wall, moments later Matt appeared at the window smiling to himself, I rolled my eyes at him.

“Help me out then,” I said nodding towards the door,

“Do not move,” said the policeman through the small gap, he had blood dripping down his face, Matt managed to open the door, I ignored the policeman,

“I’m attached to the car,” I said holding up my tied up arms,

“They’re treating you like you’re a terrorist,” he said glancing at the policeman. Matt looked at the handcuffs and frowned, “hmmm, I guess I could try freezing it…” he said. He flicked his finger and a shard of ice flew out, it gripped around the chain and Matt karate chopped the chain, it broke free.

“Thank you,” I smiled, he took my hand and helped me out the car,

“Could you melt the wall?” he asked, I looked at the ice wall and then at my hands,

“I don’t want another explosion,” I said quietly,

“I’ll teach you,” Matt said gently, he took my hands and showed me what to do, “as you flick your hands out, think ‘fire’.” He instructed,

“Step back, I don’t want to kill you,” I said, he nodded and obeyed. I flicked my hands out and a roaring flame as big as a car shot out from them, I gasped as it ate up the ice wall. Matt smiled,

“Good job,” he said his American twang really showing through. “Let’s get out of here,” he said, he began to sprint away from the road. I followed after him at a much slower pace, his endurance seemed better than mine too, when we had arrived in a hidden alley way he was barely out of breath. I glared at him,

“What did I do?” he asked pointing at himself,

“Nothing,” I said smiling, “thank you… for saving me,” I smiled,

“I was just concerned that when I put up that ice wall, you’d be hurt if you crashed into it,”

“I’m fine,” I said checking my arms and legs,

“Good,” he nodded, content with his work,

“Where are we?” I asked, this part of Sacramento I never visited, it had a reputation.

“Home sweet home,” Matt grinned,

“Seriously?” I asked looking at the derelict buildings,

“Well, I wouldn’t call it a home, it’s more of a shelter,” he said leaning against the wall,

“Where do your family live?” I asked, he stopped moving, stopped breathing even, and then turned his head to me.

“Up there,” he said pointing up,

“Are the stairs safe in a building like this?” I asked looking at the second floor, the window had been smashed in and I was sure a plant was growing out the cracks in cement. Matt grinned solemnly,

“Even higher than that,” I looked up higher,

“On the roof?” I asked, Matt sighed,

“They’re dead Rosie. My parents are dead. My family is dead. And I killed them.”

The End

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