Thinking about it I see that flames are like humans in general. Flames burn out, as we do, eventually ending up as ashes in the ground. Like humanity, fire needs to consume to stay alive, destroying anything it can to advance itself. And yet as aforementioned fire, and people are not just about destruction, we create great beauty in our short lives. The light that shines from us lights up the world, both physically and metaphorically.

There has always been a relationship between humans and flame. From the first person who decided his mammoth legs would taste that bit better if they weren't oozing with blood to us now, who have harnessed it too such a degree that we can eradicate whole countries with atomic explosions.  We have always relied on fire, and to an extent, fire has relied on us. We have built places for it to stay and fed it and in return it provides with what we need, an almost poetic relationship.

Another development in my thoughts about this all powerful element comes from me looking skyward. We rely on a massive ball of fire for everything, its warmth allowing us to live on this world. And thinking further I remember that everything on this planet was originally forged in stars. For me it's a nice thought, being born from flame.





The End

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