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Riley retired to her bedroom after Damian left. She knew where to draw the line between being social and being a third wheel. And plus there was a thick tension between Ari and Mr. Tall and Dark when Damian left. This was a mess Ari would have to clean up herself. Though if she needed anyone to take Richard off her hands Riley would be more than happy to. She grinned amusing herself with that thought.

Riley climbed into bed and dozed off. The buzzing of her cell phone woke her two hours later. Riley groaned. This city never sleeps at night! She tried to ignore her Bruno Mars ring tone, but even when the ringing seized it only picked up again a minute later. She picked up her insistent phone.

“Hello?” She yawned into the receiver.

“Riiiiiiiiiley!” A cheerful and very female voice rang out. Riley glanced at her alarm clock, it was ten after two AM, this wasn't a booty call, so whoever this caller was she'd better have a damn good reason.

“Who is this?”

“I'll give you a hint! Club X!”

I'll give you a tip; F-

“Still haven't figured it out yet?”

Riley couldn't even remember what or where club x was, it sounded like a strip club, but Riley had never been to a strip club in this country. Then it came back to her, in the form of blurry colors and hazy memories. The club was a rat hole tucked away on a sketchy looking street. The people there were sleazy and no doubt carrying diseases that had yet to be identified. Ari and Riley met this girl at Club X, who was clingy from the get go. By the end of the night the girl had proclaimed that the three of them were “BFFs for realzies!” This girl made Prisscilla seem...well, less annoying. But what was her name? Something weird. Mayonnaise? Okay no not that weird. Manic? No that wasn't a proper name either. It was Manice, that was it!

“Oh hey Manice,” Riley said dryly.

“Hey Riiiiley!” She chimed again.

“What can I do for you?” At Freaking two AM?!

“Well. I meet a guy,” Riley could hear the eagerness and desperation in her voice. That poor bastard, she thought.

“That is awesome. Now can I go back to sleep?”

“Nu-uh silly. There is one more thing. He is somebody you know!”

Uh-oh. Riley did not like where this conversation was going. “Who?” She asked slowly.

“Henry! Your Henry! The one you were telling me about.”

Riley blinked hard. What had she said about Henry that night? And why would Henry- her Henry- fall for someone as dense as Manice? Someone whose name was actually Man- Ice?

The End

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