Awkward ExchangesMature

The door closed behind him, and Arrianne's "Friend" drove off in his car.  Arriane was hugging herself, and staring vaguely at the floor to the right of Damian. 

Crap.  Damian thought.  "Look, I really hope I didn't screw anything up..." 

Arrianne shook her head a little too forcefully, and looked straight up at Damian.  "Of course you didn't!  Nothing...  I mean..."  She stared back down at the floor, unsure of what to say.

"Actually..."  Damian reached into his back pocket and came out with two tickets. "My show opens tomorrow at the London."

Stunned, she just looked from the tickets to him, and then back.  "Oh."

"I don't know if you're into musicals or anything, but..."  Damian scratched the back of his head.  "I would appreciate the support.  You don't have to pay at all." 

For a moment, Arrianne didn't look like she knew what to say.  Then she looked up at him with a beautiful and charming smile that almost took his breath away.  "Is it going to be funny?" 

Quickly, he took his feelings and shoved them into the back of his mind, where they could never see the light of day.  Thank god for acting.

"It's called Book of Mormon, it's written by the creative team of South Park, and most imporantly, I went out of my way to audition for it.  It's not just funny...  It's outright offensive."

Arrianne chuckled.  "I'll keep the tickets, then."  She teased him with another gorgeous, innocent, magnificent smile.  "I notice there are two..?"

"Y-yeah."  Damian stumbled.  Fuck!  "Just in case Riley wanted to go, or...  Your friend."

"You okay, hotshot?"  Riley walked in, eating a cup of blueberry yogurt.  "Never seen you stutter before."  She smirked, waited for Arrianne to turn away, and then winked slyly in Damian's direction - coupled with a head gesture towards Arrianne, showing just how indiscreet Riley actually was.

At that exact moment, Damian's ringtone, It's Time by Imagine Dragons started sounding.  He took the phone out of his pocket, looked at Arrianne, and grinned.  "You should totally think about it."

After turning away (which, judging by Riley's indiscretion, probably invoked a whole array of suggestive gestures) and listening to a frantic voice wail in his ear, he hung up the phone.  "I gotta go."  He said, putting his jacket back on.

"You sure?  I could get you some food before your big day of work."  Arrianne brushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear.  Very cute.

"Thanks, but I should run."  Damian put his sunglasses back on.  "I just inadvertantly got Henry laid, and he's not liking what comes with it."


The End

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