Henry: Naive HangoversMature

So, as it turned out, Henry was quite right in his prediction. While Damian had gone off partying with “the girls”, he sat there once again on the couch like a big fat loner thinking about the huge stack of reports he would have to work on the next morning.

Henry felt quite unfortunate. Somehow he was handed a drink and minutes later was knocked out on the ground drunk like there was no tomorrow. Great. One more thing to add to that stack of reports. A hangover.

Regret? Quite truthfully yes.


Henry woke up with the biggest headache he ever had. He groaned and rolled over in his bed when he realized he wasn’t in his bed. Immediately, he jumped up and was matched with the stared of a girl, just about as old as he was, sitting on a chair next to the bed.

“Where am I?” He demanded. “Why am I here? Who are you? Why am I in this bed?” Henry had too many questions in his mind, they almost seemed to fog up his vision. The girl giggled.

“You’re such a cutie.” She said with a smile. Henry could only stare. Cutie? No one has ever called him a cutie. The girl seemed to notice that Henry was having trouble responding.

“I’m Manice.” She stuck out her hand. Henry stared at it for a moment before he extended his hand out and shook it.

“Uh, nice to meet you Manice?” Henry looked around the room. “Now, uh, can you tell me why I’m here?”

“I found you dead drunk on the ground and I was afraid you would get trampled. So I brought you home.” She gave him a small carefree shrug.

“You looked adorable. Even on the ground!” She giggled again.

Henry ran his fingers through his hair. Ok. So maybe Damian was right about one thing. But this girl was weird. Her face was set in a bright halo of innocent that glowed around it like she was a newborn child asking what a butterfly was. Either she was really innocent and naive, or she was an amazing actress. And the latter seemed a little less likely.

“Um, Cool. Now I think I have to get going.” Henry pushed himself out of the bed. Thank god he still had all his clothes on.

“Wait! I was going to show you to my friends!”

“Your friends?”

“Yeah!” The girl nodded eagerly like a five year old. “I met some new friends from America. Oh! They are so cool. But they said I would never be able to find a boyfriend.”

At that thought, Manice crossed her arms and stuck out her lips.

“I was mad! But now I can show you off to them!” She gave him another smile.

“Wait, wait, wait, I’m your boyfriend?”

“Uh huh.” She nodded.

“And who are these American friends of yours?”

“Umm.... Uh.... Hmmm.... I can’t seemed to remember their names. Wait, I think....” Manice paused deep thought.

“Oh! I remember!”


“Arriane and Riley!”

And for the first time in the history of Henry James Baggins's life, his initial reaction was Please shoot me now.

The End

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