"So who's your guy?"

"We're just. Friends."

"If you say so," Riley smirked, pulling on a sweatshirt. Her and Ari were both in her room. 

"I like Damian. You know that."

"Well, you better not let him see you with a guy like that."

"You could have him for all I care."

And, like magic, the doorbell rang.

Riley smirked.

"I bet that's Damian now."

"You didn't!" Ari hissed.

"No, I didn't, but karma just loves stuff like that," she answered.

Richard called uncertainly from the livingroom.

"Uh... Arianne, there's someone at your door. A guy?"

Henry or Damian.

"I'll be right there!"

A few seconds later, she pulled open the door.

Damian. Definitely Damian. 

She sighed.

"Hey. Is this a bad time...?" he asked, peering behind her. Obviously, he had seen Richard.

"No. Richard is a friend I met earlier today."

"Oh, is he?" He remarked, stepping in.

"Yes," she hissed. "Richard, this is Damian. An.. uh... friend, of mine."

Richard grinned knowingly. "Friend as in, we've-been-friends-for-years, or friend as in you don't know what to call him because there's something more?"

Ari and Damian both reddened stimultatiously, making the answer obvious.

"Ah. Maybe I should leave." He winked and stepped out the door.

"Um... Sorry about that," Ari said awkwardly.

"No problem."

He paused.

"Is he really just your friend, or... something else?" Damian stared at the floor.

"Just my friend, why?"

"No reason.."

The End

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