Riley couldn't help but kick her leg up sending one of her Jimmy Choo's sailing across the living room. She howled with victory and triumph as she did the same with the second shoe, freeing her feet from discomfort.

She couldn't wait to tell Ari about the ambush at Macy's. She pulled the elastic band out of her hair and shook her head until her hair was freed from her braid. As Riley entered the kitchen she noticed the house was unusually dark.

Taking advantage of her alone time, she took off her suit and stripped down to her camisole and panties. The feeling of freedom after a victory was a blissful one. The only thing that could top this was cherry panda paws. Riley's stomach growled in agreement and she beelined for the freezer. She made haste by taking out the whole tub of ice cream and sticking a spoon in it. She indulged as she made her way over to the couch. She clicked the television on and began to flip through programs, hoping to find something worth watching.

The sound of the door opening made Riley jump up. Arriane made her way to the living room, trailing a tall, handsome brunette man behind her. Riley actually noticed for the first time in awhile that Ari, was laughing.

Ari's laughter came to an abrupt halt when she and her date made their way over to the love seat. Just now had she realized Riley was standing in the living room in her Vicky's Secrets with a tub of ice cream in one hand and a spoon clutched in her other.

Riley didn't like the idea of Ari coming back to the apartment with some strange hookup. Even if he was drop dead gorgeous. Riley offered the man a cynical look, she hoped he got the underlying warning in her stare. It was hard to appear intimidating in your underwear. The man cleared his throat and did his best to keep his eyes above her waist.

Okay one point for Mr, whatshisface, Riley thought, bitterly.

“Hey whatsyourface?” Riley asked.

  • “I'm sorry?” The man replied.

“Are you now?” Riley retorted eyeing the guy with scrutiny.

Ari groaned and she pressed her palms to her eyes. “Ugh sorry Richard, that's Riley Code for ' what is your name?'”

Richard arched an eyebrow. Cautiously he extended his hand to Riley. “Well in that case it's Richard”

Riley ignored the man's outstretched hand. After an awkward moment he dropped it back down to his side.

“So Rick What do you do for a living?”

“Riley! Pants!” Ari prompted.

“Since you ask I am a lawyer”

Riley's eye's widened, now she really had a reason not to trust him. “And what exactly are your intention-

  • “Pants!” Ari snapped again.

    “My intentions?” Richard asked.

    “Yes, I thought I should ask since you clearly skipped the romancing part in your strategy to get in my friend's pants!”

“Yes, pants!” Ari shouted taking Riley by the shoulders and shoving her in the direction of her bedroom.

The End

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