London Night LifeMature

Man, was Damian serious about the girls part.

Henry begrudgingly got in the car, and Damian began explaining the situation.  The jist of it was this:  Damian had been in town for almost a month now, but still had not had a real night out on the town.  Book of Mormon had kept him almost entirely occupied, and the time that he did have off he spent at home recuperating - with the exception of the night he spent at Arriane's house. 

He needed a night that was just pure fun.  Blowing off steam was a necessity in most professions, and acting was no exception.  Book of Mormon was opening at the London Theatre in two days, and he was simultaneously psyched and scared shitless regarding opening night. 

Not to mention that, with the opening night two days away, there was a convenient 24-hour window in which to recover from whatever hangover one might contract.  Theoretically of course.

"Whatever, man."  Henry just looked out the window.  The guy was kind of quirky, but he seemed nice, if a little introversive.

They drove around a bit, looking for something promising.  Every once and a while, Damian would read off the name of a club or bar.  "How does the Cloud and Thunder sound?"

Henry furrowed his eyebrows and scoffed.  "Sounds like a Dark ages strip club."

Damian chuckled a bit.  "Tell me you wouldn't at least check out one of those if you heard of it."

Henry replied by shaking his head.  He pointed out the window.  "How about The Cherzenoben?"

"On account of you pronouncing the name right, I allow you to pick."

"Whatever...  I just want to get this over with."  Henry looked away and tapped the glass in the direction of the bar.  Damian pulled in.

He was about to leave the car when he realized Henry hadn't unbuckled yet.

"What's up, man?"

Henry closed his eyes and sat in the seat. "I'm really not sure if I want to do this."

Damian looked around, ducked back into the car and slouched back down in his seat.  "Look.  You need to blow off some steam too."  He reached over and patted Henry on the shoulder.  "You work just as hard as I do, and don't have nearly as much fun."  A short pause.  "You also don't make as much as I do, don't have quite as nice a car, and aren't nearly as attractive..."

"Wow, can you instill confidence or what?"

"Look...  Come on.  Chicks love the silent type just as much as they love the athletic American actors.  Come inside, and promise you'll have an awesome time."  Damian opened the door, walked aorund the car, and opened up henry's.  "Who knows? He smiled.  "Maybe you'll meet somebody you know?"

The End

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