Henry: The Starbucks Work EthicMature

After that trip to the Macy’s, Henry’s moods were definitely lifted a lot. There really was nothing like a good laugh and seeing Riley mess up Priscilla like that. Henry climbed out of the car and walked into his new “home”.

It was his regular vacation home. Why he didn’t think of moving here earlier? Hell knows why. He rented this place every time he visited London and he knew the owners of the house pretty well. The house looked almost identical to the one he had in Ohio, which, even though seemed a little creepy, fitted him just well. He wasn’t going to start complaining about how at home he felt. The only problem he now faced was work. This was his vacation home, a place to relax, chill and have fun. Not read reports in. He tried sitting down on the couch like he always did in his own apartment and work, but his mind kept on wandering. It was like the couch was enchanted or something. Henry was not have much luck with his couches.

After trying every possible idea, he finally settled with working in a Starbucks nearby. It wasn’t too loud or noisy and reminded him of home, which for some reason helped him concentrate. Henry grabbed his stack of reports and started plowing through them one by one until a lady tapped him on the shoulder to inform him that they were closing. Shit. Henry was really behind on reports (since the party, moving, and watching Priscilla) and he really couldn’t waste another minute. Maybe he really shouldn’t have moved out of that big hotel. Or at least moved out at a less busier time.

He sighed as he packed his stuff up. He walked outside and was about to speed home when a car honked at him. He looked up. Damian again. He really couldn’t have come at a more terrible time.

“Yo Henry, you free tonight? I need a buddy.”

“For what?”

“To drive around with. Maybe find some girls.”

“Uh, no thanks. I’m really behind on reports.” Henry tugged nervously at his shirt. Girls? And he really was behind on his reports.

“Come on! Just one night. It won’t make too much of a difference.”


“Look. I don’t get too many nights free. So, I think we should spend some quality bro time together while we can. Don’t you think?”

Ok. Maybe he could just spared just one more night. He would have to work like crazy the next day, but tonight was going to be an exception.

“Fine.” Henry gave in reluctantly. Damian’s face lit up and Henry was dragged into the car. He better not be serious about the girls part.

The End

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