Ari woke with a groan and looked around quizzically. The last thing she remembered was Damian at the front door, apologising and nearly crying. She smiled slightly as the memories of last night flooded back- it was all she could do not to hug him. 

She was just brushing her teeth when she realised the tiny house seemed strangely empty. She didn't hear Riley's awkward snores or the usual loud whinings of her finally getting up. She poked her head into Riley's room- empty. 

She sighed.

"I guess I'm alone then?" she asked nobody in particular.

"What to do... what to do..."

She snapped her fingers. She realised she'd lived there almost a month, but she hadn't visited any of the tourist attractions, like the castle. And, if she remembered correctly, London was one of the best places for shopping in the world. 

Ari grabbed her purse without a second thought of where anyone was, and stepped out the door.


An hour later, she was eating her lunch in front of Buckingham Palace and had several couture shopping bags surrounding the bench she was sitting on.

"Geez, this place is beautiful," she commented to herself, pulling a small sketchpad out of her purse.

"Yes, it is, lady," said a voice. Ari jumped and turned to find a cliché-looking, tall dark and handsome type smiling at her.


"Where're you from? I haven't seen you here before," He asked, using a pickup line to match his appearance. 

"America," she said shortly. She didn't want to be rude, but she had her sights set on someone else.

Little did she know at that moment a baby blue jag was driving by, having just completed it's mission of 'reporter and photographer extraordinaire.'

The End

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